Fever in Babies – When to Worry? 15 Facts You Should Notice!

Fever is a common fact for toddlers. But, whenever fever appears, parents feel tension before it recovers. Fever in babies when to worry, is a burning question for new parents.

When do you need to worry if your beloved toddler is having a fever? Let’s check some points.

1.       Less than 2 months old infants, temperature over 100.4 degree F.

2.       If your baby is more than 3 months of age, the temperature is over 101.5 degree F.

3.       Infant’s age is below 3 months, the temperature drops below 97.7 degree F.

4.       Fever is lasted more than 3 days.

5.       When your baby refuses to drink fluids.

6.       Baby is not wetting a minimum of 4 diapers per day.

7.       Toddlers who are difficult to arouse.

8.       If your baby is crying for severe pain and unable to move its body properly.

9.       Notice, your baby is breathing properly.

10.   If you notice that your toddler has no tears when crying.

11.   Inconsolable crying.

12.   Persistent vomiting with bile or blood.

13.   Weak crying that is not like their normal crying.

14.   Fever without other symptoms passes 24 hours.

15.   If your beloved toddler is less than 12 weeks old.

Moreover, in this article we will help you to know more about a full idea of your toddler’s fever facts. Hope it will help.

What is the normal temperature for a baby?

The normal temperature of your toddler depends on its age. When she/he is below 2 months old the normal temperature varies after his/her age is more than 3 months. Furthermore, below 1 year old baby’s fever will be different. Let’s see the chart below to know about the normal temperature of babies.

Baby AgeNormal TemperatureFever Temperature
0-2 monthsFrom 97.74 to 99.32 F100.4 F, Armpit 99.4 F
3 monthsFrom 96.74 to 99.48 F101.00 F, Armpit 99.4 F
3-36 monthsFrom 97.72 to 99.68 F101.50 F, Armpit 99.4 F
Over 36 monthsFrom 97.72 to 99.68 F102.92 F, Armpit 100.00 F
What is the normal temperature for a baby?

Signs of fever in newborn

A common sign of fever of your baby is, he/she will feel hot and look flushed. Fever can cause headaches or body sweating or shivering as well as body pain. Have a look at some common signs that will ensure your toddlers’ fever.

·         Body temperature will be 100.4 F or more

·         Looking flushed

·         Seeming dehydrate

·         Small purple-red spot on skin

·         Weakness in crying

·         Sleeping difficulties

·         Feeding disturbances

·         For virus fever, a runny nose, sneezing as well as coughing.

·         Glassy–eyes

·         Vomits or has frequent bouts of diarrhea

·         Crying for body pain

·         Unusually tired.

Fever in babies when to worry?

Fever in a newborn is always a worry. In this regard, when your baby is below 3 months old, contact the health care for any fever. On the other hand, if your baby is 3 to 6 months old, temperature over 101.5 will be concerning and you have to call the doctor.

After 6 months and your baby is under 1 year old, you have to take health support when your beloved toddler has a temperature of over 102.00 F.

Any fever that stays more than 3 days is concerning. So, after 3 days you have no chance to take care of only at home nature treatment. Take the doctor’s advice ASAP.

Most of the cases, baby fever can handle in home and reduce naturally. Experienced parents are experts in this field. So, baby fever does not concern them as much as new parents.

How to bring down baby fever?

The most important part of baby fever is to bring it down as soon as possible. Important to realize, at first you have to confirm that the temperature of your baby is not so high. You have to contact neither the doctor nor go to take medical health instead of home natural treatment.

Without delay, take necessary steps to reduce the temperature of the body. Giving them lukewarm sponge baths frequently is one of them. Indeed, after your baby starts shivre, stop the lukewarm sponge. Ensure that they are not dehydrating.

Moreover, you have to ensure proper clothing in nighttime when your baby has a fever. Another key point is that you have to dress lightly when your baby has a fever.

Furthermore, a baby with fever has some noticeable facts to sleep in diaper. Try to maintain it.

Bringing down baby fever is a concerning part of parenting. You should be patient during fever time of your baby. As you know, the fever cannot be brought down overnight or within a small time.

Using socks during fever time is another fact that parents face. “Should I put socks on baby with fever?” It is another concerning matter for new moms. So proper use of socks can be a great cause for reducing your baby fever. So, you should use socks properly on baby with fever.

Can breastfeeding reduce fever in babies?

Babies whose ages are less than 6 months, breast milk is the only source of nutrition and fluids. For the infants, breast milk is the main cure for reducing fever.

Infants, who have flu, must encourage to continue feeding breast milk frequently. It can help to stay hydrated the infant’s body. Any kind of flu can be cure by breast milk as we as like influenza.

Some words from Babiesplannet

During fever, firstly you have to be concerned about the baby’s temperature. Whenever you notice the temperature is abnormal, without any delay, take the doctor’s advice immediately. But, if you are confident about taking care properly at home, take care of him/her keenly; hope everything will be ok soon. Thank you.

Sarah, a health writer and editor since 2014, is an adoring wife and dedicated mother to 2 daughters and 1 son. As the creator of Babies Plannet, she combines her extensive expertise with her maternal dedication to provide essential care and safety advice for infants, nurturing their well-being and happiness. Her writing explores topics like fitness, pregnancy, and women's healthy lifestyles.

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