How Do Mute Babies Cry? (Overcoming From Obstacles!)

There is no denying that being able to speak is something very special that only a human being can experience. It sets us apart from all other creatures. But unfortunately, there are some babies who are not able to talk. So on, they won’t able to play and ask you to pass a toy baby bottle or change the diaper.

Now muteness can come to a human being in various ways. Some are born mute. It is because of some genetic disorder or physical disability. And others become mute after some time because of some disease or even accident. A very common question that comes to mind is how do mute babies cry? 

There are some symptoms of a mute baby from which parents can take a guess about its muteness. But crying is not clearly one of them. Because even mute babies cry. It is a little different than other babies but not completely different. We are going to answer a lot of muteness-related questions here like this.

how do mute babies cry
how do mute babies cry

Can mute baby cry?

It depends on your definition of crying. Babies that are physiologically mute don’t have the perfect system for speaking like normal babies have. They most certainly have some defects in the organs that create sound. So, they won’t be able to make the usual crying sound that normal babies do.

But it doesn’t mean that mute babies cannot or do not cry at all. They still have the same feelings and they will try to express those somehow. They usually make some low pitch noise when they cry. So, yes mute babies can cry in their own way which is quiet but not silent.

How do mute babies cry?

Mute babies that are mute for organic reasons have defects in the mouth or tongue or some kind of neurological damage. So, they cannot imitate the exact way of the crying of normal babies. But they can still make some kind of noise that resembles crying. The noise is low pitch and the crying is much quieter.

If a baby is mute for other reasons related to autism or genetic disorder, there is a chance that they will be able to cry almost like a normal baby. As its noise-making organs do not always have defects. But as time goes their muteness will become evident. 

How do you know if a newborn is mute?

As a baby is not supposed to say anything that makes sense it is not very clear in the early stages, if the baby is actually mute. But the parents can take a guess as a little time goes that there is something wrong. Because a baby is supposed to make some kind of noise that indicates it is fine.

And there is a fact that sometimes newborn babies cannot cry or make any noise because of the machinery attached to them. But the parents should be looking out for some symptoms of mute baby. Such as, if they don’t react to any sound then maybe there is a problem. 

Parents should be watching for any kind of sound like cooing or babbling in the early stage. Then around nine months, the baby should be able to say some words like Momma or Dadda. And they should be able to make sounds like p, b, m, d, or n. And if they cannot say two words together after 20 months there are certainly some problems. 

Do hearing impaired babies cry?

Many pieces of research show that the fact of babies making sounds is related to their hearing ability. Babies have a tendency of trying to recreate the sound they hear. So, hearing impaired babies do not create the same type of noises as normal babies.

But crying is still the same for deaf babies. Crying is a natural process for all babies. So, deaf babies still cry the same way as normal babies. But they do not react the same when efforts are made to stop the crying. Normal babies will stop crying hearing their mother, a deaf baby will stop only after seeing.

Can a mute baby talk again?

There is no definite answer. Speaking problem is a sector where medical science has not been able to achieve the most success. There is not yet any permanent cure for muteness. Can a mute baby talk again? That depends on a lot of factors. And depending on the factors the answer can be yes or no.

If the muteness is because of some physical condition, then it can be cured if the physical condition is repairable. If the condition is something that cannot be repaired then unfortunately the baby won’t be able to talk again.

But if the reason for muteness can also be psychological or something related to autism. Then the baby might be able to talk depending on the treatment they are getting. And then there is the case of deaf people. It also depends on the circumstances that they go through. Most likely the baby will use ASL rather than speak.

Do mute babies cry at birth?

In most cases, babies cry at birth. But the number of cases where babies don’t cry at birth is not as low as you would think. Even normal babies don’t cry in some cases. So, if your baby doesn’t cry at birth, it doesn’t mean that the baby is mute. And mute babies generally cry in their own way.

And another fact is a lot of mute babies are not mute from birth. The problem develops a little later. But at birth most babies are normal. If all the conditions are normal then it is most likely that the baby will cry. There is a possibility that the pitch of the cry won’t be as high as other babies. 

Can a baby be born mute?

Yes, a baby can be born with the characteristics of being mute. Usually, it is not possible to be sure if a baby is actually mute until they are a little older. But a baby that is mute because of physiological reasons is in a significant number of cases born mute.

If a baby has congenital deafness, then it is born mute. The babies that are mute because of genetic reasons are most likely to be born mute. If even one of the parents has congenital vocal cord dysfunction, the baby has a high chance of being born mute.

Do mute babies babble?

It is actually difficult to be sure if a baby is actually mute until they are past the babbling stage. Children babble as they hear noises from their surroundings. And they try to imitate those sounds. But they cannot make distinctive sounds until they are around 9 months old. So, they babble till then.

So, the mute babies are most likely to make those babbling sounds. And another point to note is a big number of babies are not born mute. They become mute after a certain age. So, they will certainly babble. And there can be cases where a mute baby will not babble like a normal baby.

So, not babbling doesn’t always mean the baby is actually mute, it can also be because of hearing problems. And in most cases, mute babies are likely to babble. Then after the babbling stage, their muteness becomes a little clear when they cannot say words properly. 

Can mute people cry?

The answer is quite similar to the case of a mute baby. They also cry as normal people do. And they can make some noise as it is entirely produced in their mouth. But their cry won’t sound exactly like that of a normal person. It is much more low pitch and much quieter. But they can cry in their own way.

Can you text 911 if you can’t talk?

Yes, you can text 911, if you cannot talk. Calling them is the best way to get a response from them. But if you cannot talk to them properly or cannot hear them properly then you can text them. You have to send the text to the number 9-1-1. 

Do deaf people have a voice in their heads?

Many reports suggest deaf people do experience some kind of inner voice in their heads. But it mostly depends on their type of deafness and the way they usually communicate. if they are born deaf and use sign language then the inner voice is usually visual and sign language-based. But if they were normal in their early lives then they can see the words in their heads without sound.

Can mute laugh?

They can and will laugh. But the type of their laugh will vary based on their muteness. If they don’t have a larynx then their laugh will be very different from normal people. Mainly air coming through their nose. They will still laugh in their own way. But if they have a larynx then they will laugh almost like normal people.

Can deaf babies laugh?

Laughter is a natural process for all human beings. If it is disturbed by some external means it will always come out of everyone. So, deaf babies laugh too. But they laugh a little differently. It is because they cannot laugh at others and themselves laugh. If they are not ridiculed or corrected they will laugh in their own way.

What are the signs of a deaf baby?

The signs are mostly related to their response to sounds made by others. A deaf baby will not turn its head in the direction of a sound. When the parents start to talk it will not stop talking or crying. It won’t smile to hear the voice of its parents until it can see them. Its eyes will not move to lactate the source of any sound. 

Can deaf babies talk?

It is quite possible these days with the technological improvements. Deaf babies are exposed to this opportunity of listening and learning to talk. With advanced hearing aids, they can hear and be heard and responded to. This way they can learn to speak and communicate like normal children. 

What causes a baby to be born mute?

Babies are mostly born mute because of genetic reasons. If one or both of the parents are mute or have dysfunctional vocal cords then it can pass onto the baby. And there are other reasons like problems with birth and the mother going through some difficulties that can cause the baby to be born mute.

How does a deaf person know when their baby is crying?

They can firstly and mainly use their eyes to learn that. If they see any change in the facial expression that resembles crying they understand the baby is crying. It has become much easier with technologies that alert deaf parents in another room using vibration or light about the baby. Trained dogs are also a great option for this.

Can mute people whisper?

It is possible for the mute people to whisper. As whispering doesn’t need the vocal cord to be involved. It is entirely produced by the mouth and the lungs. So, even a mute person who has problems with the vocal cord can produce a whisper-like sound in their mouth.

How do mute people communicate?

There are a lot of ways to do that. The best way is using sign language. A mute person can use his own sign language that his family and friends can understand. Or he/she can learn the formal sign languages used in the area like ASL, BSL, Auslan, or special sign language such as Makaton. Or a mute person can communicate through writing on a pad or phone.

How does a deaf person know someone is at the door?

A traditional doorbell won’t work in this matter. So, there are a good number of modified doorbells to let a deaf person know someone is at the door. Such as a light doorbell. Whenever someone clicks on the switch, the light is flashed. Or a radio doorbell for half-deaf people. It generates a louder sound near the person through radio signals. And there is always an option for dogs.

How does a deaf person know when the phone is ringing?

Usually, another device is attached to the telephone that is a phone ringer. When a call comes in and the telephone rings the phone ringer gets the signal and produces an amplified sound. And other types of devices will flash a light or vibrate when the phone rings so that the deaf person can know.

What is the best mobile phone for a deaf person?

The LG Extravert 2, The BlackBerry Key2 LE, The F(x)tec Pro1, The BlackBerry KeyOne, The Samsung Galaxy Folder 2, The BlackBerry Priv these phones have a full keypad that is better for deaf people as they text a lot. And these come with modern utilities like e-mail at the same time. So, these phones are great for deaf people and also phones like Galaxy S8 that support a keyboard cover.

What is the best phone for the hard of hearing?

Doro 1360, Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S21, Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, LG G8 ThinQ, Geemarc CL8360 Extra Loud Mobile Phone, Swissvoice C50s Comfort and Care Smartphone and Base are great options for the hard of hearing people. These phones are compatible with hearing aids and generate loud sounds and some of these have a special alert system.

Can deaf people use cell phones?

Of course, they can but they mostly use it for texting. And this is a good and reliable way of communication for them. But new technology is arriving that will allow them to communicate in sign language through cell phones. And for the hard of hearing people a lot of cell phones come with hearing aids support that allows them to use the phone like normal people. 


How do mute babies cry? If you had this question as a parent or just a curious person you have your answer now. Even a mute baby will cry like all the babies in the world do. But there is going to be a difference in its crying if the reason behind its muteness is physiological.

The muteness of a child is not quite evident until it is a little older. A mute baby cries quietly but not in complete silence. And if the baby is not born mute then it will most likely cry like a normal baby until the reasons for muteness occur. 

Sarah, a health writer and editor since 2014, is an adoring wife and dedicated mother to 2 daughters and 1 son. As the creator of Babies Plannet, she combines her extensive expertise with her maternal dedication to provide essential care and safety advice for infants, nurturing their well-being and happiness. Her writing explores topics like fitness, pregnancy, and women's healthy lifestyles.

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