How To Have a Cute Baby? [7 Tips]!!!

As parents, it’s pretty normal to be concerned about how your baby is going to look when it’s born, right? This is why many people ask, “how to have a cute baby?” Well, to answer that, I would like to say that the right question should be, “how to have a healthy baby?”. 

Cute or not, children deserve the most amount of love from their parents. But, when parents are concerned over the cuteness of their baby, they don’t necessarily mean to be concerned about the baby’s physical appearance. 

In most cases, parents would want a healthy and intelligent baby. Indeed, being healthy and intelligent is what seems “cute” to the parent. Interestingly, you can make your baby cuter by taking care of him/her. For example, if you will come to know how to grow baby eyelashes and follow those tips then this will help as well.

How to have a cute baby?
How to have a cute baby?

So, for your convenience, I have put together all the info that you need to know regarding how parents can have a healthy and cute baby. Also, I’ll elaborate on how parents can actively contribute to a baby being born intelligent. Therefore, pay attention till the very end!

Cute Baby: What Does It Mean?

First, I have to clarify that there’s a marked difference between a pretty baby and a cute one. While prettiness refers to the physical appearance of the baby, cuteness refers to its well-being and good health conditions. 

Although some might say that babies with large eyes, shiny skin, fully symmetrical features, or silky hair are pretty, we strongly disagree with it. We think all babies are pretty regardless of how they look.

But, the cuteness can vary from one child to another. We think any child would look cute if he or she is healthy. And, other than health, there are lots of other things too, that would make a child cute as well. For example, an unruly child cannot be termed as cute, right?

So, simply put, when we say a baby is cute, it should mean that the baby has a healthy physical feature and has a positive demeanor as well. 

Now, you should know that factors such as the baby’s behavior, innate physical appearance, personality, intelligence, etc can massively vary on how the mother was treated during her pregnancy days. 

So, if a pregnant mother can maintain a few tips and tricks (that are helpful for the baby’s growth) during her pregnancy days, we think she can have a high chance of delivering a cute baby.

Pregnancy Tips To Have A Cute Baby

In this section, we have laid down a few major tips and tricks that you can utilize in order to have an intelligent, healthy, and cute baby.

Let’s see what these are.

Pregnancy tips to have a cute baby
Tips to have a cute baby

 1. Healthy Eating Habits:

It is proven by researchers that a baby’s growth of brain cells is affected by the food intake of the mother. For example, if a mother eats a lot of leafy food like spinach, the baby has a higher chance of having a fully developed brain. As a result, the likelihood of the baby being very intelligent is very high.

Furthermore, eating food items with omega-3 fatty acids is also shown to be beneficial for the baby’s brain growth. These foods include various types of walnuts, almonds, etc.

So, we recommend mothers eat a bunch of omega-3 rich food during their pregnancy time.

In addition to that, iron-rich foods are also needed for the baby’s proper growth in the womb. It’s because a good intake of iron ensures a better flow of oxygen into the placenta. As a result, the baby can develop healthy neural cells.

So, in order to have a cute baby, the consumption of food items such as beans, spinach, etc are very much recommended (it’s because they contain high amounts of iron).

2. Staying Moderately Active

Although there is a misconception that pregnant women should always stay in rest, moderate exercises for pregnant women have shown great results in ensuring the baby’s adequate brain growth. The endorphin hormone, which is released in the mother’s body at the time of exercise, helps the baby to grow enough neuron cells in its brain. 

So, if you want a cute and intelligent baby, you must do adequate exercises during your pregnancy days. But, overdoing anything is not good as well. So, practice moderation in doing the exercise.

3 . Listening To Heart Soothing Music 

Music has proven to have soothing effects on the mother’s brain. As the mother feels more relaxed by listening to soothing music, the baby gets satisfaction as well. This is why doctors recommend that pregnant mothers listen to music with a slow melody. 

But, you need to remember that it is also recommended to not listen to music with extreme bass effects. So, if you want a healthy and lively child, be sure to listen to good quality music.

4. Monitoring The Thyroid Level

The thyroid hormone is one of the major hormones that play an important part in determining the mood of a pregnant woman. In addition, this hormone also can affect the brain development of the baby in a negative or positive way.

That’s why doctors recommend constantly monitoring the thyroid level of the pregnant mother during the 9 months of pregnancy. 

Furthermore, in order to have a cute and intelligent baby, it is also essential that pregnant women eat a healthy diet that is rich in iodized salt or iodine. 

Dairy food items such as yogurt may contain a good amount of iodine. So, the consumption of dairy products is recommended for pregnant women.

5. Vitamin D Supplements:

It is quite common for a woman to suffer from vitamin D insufficiency. This is why having vitamin D supplements can really boost up the physical well-being of the mother and the bone development of the child. 

Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women take vitamin D supplements during the 9 months of pregnancy. But, before doing so, one must consult his/her doctor to seek advice on how frequent the supplement consumption should be.

6. Exposure To Sunshine:

The morning sun has actually shown proven results in boosting vitamin D generation in the body. So, it is very much recommended that a pregnant mother takes at least 30 minutes of sunshine time in a 24-hour cycle. This will not only help to develop enough vitamin D in the mother’s body but also help the child to have a healthy brain and limb development.

7. Better Bonding And Mental Support:

A child’s brain development is heavily dependent on the well-being of the mother at the time of pregnancy. If the pregnant woman gets better treatment from people around her, she stays happy. And, it massively affects the child’s growth in her womb in a positive way.

This is why it is the doctor’s recommendation that the people of the family create better mental bonding with the pregnant mother during the time of pregnancy. 

Furthermore, since mood swings are a normal phenomenon at the time of pregnancy, mental support is also needed. Therefore, the family must ensure that the pregnant woman always has mental support from the people surrounding her.

Frequently Asked Questions:

 Is the cuteness of the baby dependent on genetics?

Yes, it’s partially true. The physical features of the baby will most probably be determined by genetics. But, in addition to that, there are a lot of factors that play a role in determining the physical appearance of the baby such as nutrition intake of the pregnant mother, activity of the pregnant mother during the pregnancy, etc.

Which type of activities will harm the baby’s growth in terms of physical appearance?

Consumption of alcohol and smoking are outright the worst things that you can do during the time of pregnancy. So, it goes without saying that these activities will harm your baby’s physical growth. Therefore, in order to have a cute baby, you must abstain from bad habits such as alcohol consumption or smoking.

Is a cute baby going to be attractive as an adult too?

No, there’s no correlation between physical appearance being attractive in infancy and adulthood. In actuality, a baby can be born with a very pleasing physical appearance but, as an adult, grow out to be not as attractive. 

On the other end of the spectrum, it is also common to see babies with less attractive physical features growing into fine adult persons as well.


Although we have talked quite a lot on the topic, “how to have a cute baby?”, we strongly believe that all babies are beautiful and cute. Furthermore, regardless of how babies might look in terms of physical appearance, they all deserve the same amount of love.

Therefore, we encourage our viewers to have the same empathy towards all children. Keeping that in mind, we also encourage pregnant women to follow the hacks and tips we have provided above.

By following the aforementioned hacks, we strongly believe that, as a prospective parent, you’ll be able to have a cute and beautiful baby. Best of luck to you and peace out!

Sarah, a health writer and editor since 2014, is an adoring wife and dedicated mother to 2 daughters and 1 son. As the creator of Babies Plannet, she combines her extensive expertise with her maternal dedication to provide essential care and safety advice for infants, nurturing their well-being and happiness. Her writing explores topics like fitness, pregnancy, and women's healthy lifestyles.

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