Newborn Sleeping in Crib Right Away – 101 Sleeping Guidelines

The crib is essential for your baby’s safety, comfort, and independent sleep. Many parents use cribs right after birth, and some use them a few months later.

No matter when you use it, make sure the newborn is sleeping crib right away.

Prepare the crib properly with the mattress and make the environment soothing. Put your kids on your chest until he falls half asleep. Then put him in the crib properly. 

Ensure safety and keep eyes on him all the time. It is also not advisable to use a crib for babies less than 4 months of age.

So why should you opt for sleeping your newborn baby in a crib? I sorted out the key pros and cons to check out. 

  • The benefits of sleeping in a crib, such as the baby being less likely to wake up and disturb others in the house.
  • The risks of sleeping in a crib, such as the baby becoming tangled in the crib’s bars or becoming too hot or cold.

-How to create a safe and comfortable environment for the baby in the crib, such as using a firm mattress and making sure the room is neither too hot nor too cold. To use a firm mattress is recommended by AAP publication on their new sleeping environment guidelines 2022

-What parents can do to encourage their baby to sleep in the crib, such as setting up a bedtime routine and being consistent with putting the baby in the crib for naps and at night.

Where should baby sleep first few months?

There are many schools of thought on where a baby should sleep during those first few months. Some say that baby should sleep in a bassinet in the parents’ room so that they can be close by and easily feed baby during the night. 

Others say that babies should sleep in their own room from the start so that they can learn to self-soothe and get used to sleeping on their own. And still, others believe that it’s best to start out with co-sleeping, so that baby feels safe and secure and can easily nurse during the night.

So, where should the baby sleep during those first few months? The answer is: it depends. There is no right or wrong answer, and ultimately it’s up to the parents to decide what will work best for them and their baby. If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. There is no evidence that one sleep arrangement is better than another.

2. All sleep arrangements have pros and cons, so it’s important to weigh your options and decide what’s best for you and your family.

3. There is no perfect solution, and what works for one

When should baby sleep in crib in own room?

American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents share their room with their infants for at least six months to 1 year.

The published article concluded that room sharing does not mean bed sharing. So, if parents share this specific time with their child, the rate of SIDS decreases. 

So, after this particular time, you can try to give your newborn child a room where he can sleep in his crib. If the child has a bad medical condition, you shouldn’t let him sleep in another room. But try to avoid newborn sleeping in crib from day 1.

Another study has shown that those babies sleeping in their room at four months sleep more (10.5 hours) than the ones sleeping at the age of nine months (9.75 hours). So you should give your baby a separate room to sleep in a crib according to your baby’s condition and comfort.


The process of getting a baby to sleep in a crib all night is outlined below.

Put him in the crib while he is half asleep

Put him or her on your chest or arm to lay down and rest. If he loves singing, you can sing for a while in a gentle voice. The baby will fall half asleep quickly.

Lay him down in the crib

Put him in the crib when the child becomes drowsy. Make sure to put him in the supine position and don’t let your baby sleeps with face in mattress.

Place his back in the crib first. Do it gently, or his drowsiness will take off. It will help him to learn about drifting off from the bassinet. He will understand the difference between the two sleeping positions and naturally act in his way.

Wait some minutes to check on him

Don’t leave the room right away after putting him in the crib. Wait some minutes to check whether he is crying or getting proper comfort. He may respond to his comfiness by lying down in the crib with a little bit of crying. In that case, cuddle him a bit. After a few minutes, you will see that he slept again automatically.

Use a swaddle.

Try to use a swaddle to make the environment more comfortable for your baby. It will wrap around his body. He won’t feel left alone even if you put him in bed for his drowsiness. The baby will feel you around.

Try using a sleeping suit 

If your baby doesn’t like the swaddle and starts crying, develop a new idea. Use a sleeping suit that doesn’t entirely wrap up the children’s bodies. They just help the babies by snuggling and containing them with proper freedom. Children can move their hands or legs as much as they want.

Make a proper environment for sleeping

Finally, create a proper environment. To do it, first, turn off the source of light in that room and turn on the AC or fan. Use a soft and low-volume natural rain sound to calm him/her. Keep the environment silent otherwise.

Safety measures for newborns sleeping in a crib

Babies are sensitive. You must ensure safety while putting him in the crib.

Try to use a soft mattress

Use a soft mattress in the crib so the baby can get proper comfort while sleeping. Also, use the right mattress size for a snug fit. You can use your fingers and put them by the mattress side for assurance. If you need to use three fingers or more, the mattress size is inaccurate and small. Lastly, there are many ways to make baby mattress softer and more comfortable so follow them.

Check if there are no loose screws

You must check all the parts of the mattress support to ensure that there are no loose or broken screws. Sometimes, people don’t install screws properly while installing the mattress support. This can cause an accident while sleeping. Besides, this safety stuff, a mattress protector safe for babies.

Do not choose a crib with a large slat gap

Your baby can fall from them at the time of sleep if you choose a crib that has big gaps between its slats. The gap should be less than 2-5/8 inches apart. Sometimes some slats can get broken, and the gap becomes larger. So check the crib regularly to avoid damage to the parts.

Choose a crib with an accurate height

The crib’s height should be sufficient to prevent the baby from touching it. The babies are always too eager to climb the crib. Also, check if the corner post and the side panels have the same height. Besides, when choosing a crib, do not choose one with a headboard or footboard. These parts can entangle a baby’s head.

Do not place cushions or toys in the crib

You may want to fill the crib with the proper toys or cushions to comfort your baby. However, these things just disturb the child while sleeping. They can make your baby feel suffocated. The baby also won’t get enough space to sleep comfortably.

Place the baby comfortably in the crib while they are sleeping

Place the baby as comfy as possible to avoid pressure on their soft body. Also, put your baby lower so his feet can touch the crib’s end panel. They feel more satisfied in this position.

Should newborn sleep in crib during the day

You can use the crib for your newborn to sleep during the day. Since a question comes up how long can a newborn sleep on your chest, right? He should get used to his natural sleeping position in the crib.

Cribs allow babies to get familiar with the usual sleeping areas. Your chest is not the right place. Also, cribs provide babies the freedom to move freely within the cribs. It delivers an independent sleeping experience. So yes, you should let your newborn sleep in the crib during the day.

Is it OK to have the newborn sleep in the crib right away?

The newborn baby can sleep in the crib on his first day home. However, it is recommended to use a bassinet for a baby for the first month. They are easier to use, and you can easily take care of the baby in them.

How soon is too soon to put the baby in the crib?

You can put him in from day one. There is no particular time to put the baby in the crib. However, an infant needs more care and safety that cannot be given in the crib. That’s why you should sleep with him for at least 4 months. However, this particular time, try to put him in the crib every day for a little time so he can drift away.

Can a two-week-old baby sleep in a crib?

Yes, he can. However, For the first month, it is advised to utilize a bassinet for an infant. You can simply take very good care of the infant in them, and they are simpler to operate.

Why can’t newborns sleep in a crib?

Newborn babies can’t sleep in cribs when they don’t find it comfortable. For babies, comfortable sleep is just as they usually sleep. They may feel a rash or cold in the crib, disturbing them. Also, the environment may feel stuck to them.


A newborn child will not sleep until he feels proper satisfaction. Newborn sleeping in crib right away is a rare sight unless you put extra effort into his or her comfort. That’s why start putting him in the crib after you bring him home to adjust him to it. 

At four months, put him in the crib with proper comfort at night. Check if he’s sleeping or not for some moments. If he starts crying, cuddle him. Also, check all the safety measurements so that no accidents can be caused.

Sarah, a health writer and editor since 2014, is an adoring wife and dedicated mother to 2 daughters and 1 son. As the creator of Babies Plannet, she combines her extensive expertise with her maternal dedication to provide essential care and safety advice for infants, nurturing their well-being and happiness. Her writing explores topics like fitness, pregnancy, and women's healthy lifestyles.

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