Should I Put Socks on Baby with Fever?

Should I put socks on a baby with a fever? Yes, you should put socks on your babies to keep their feet warm from cold-flu.

If they seem to be in discomfort due to the fever, socks may help to ease this. However, if the socks are making the fever worse, it may be best to remove them.

This article, will tell you about when you should put socks and when not with fever. Let’s jump on it!

When should I put socks on baby with fever?

When the baby body temperature is 100.4 F ((38 degrees Celsius), then you should put socks on your baby as the legs are cold, you should put socks on that.

should I put socks on baby with fever
A father is putting socks on baby with fever

But putting socks on your baby feet for the whole night is not recommended. Because, the fever comes and goes so the chills as well. Whether you should put socks on your baby or not, it depends on his/her comfort. so, if you put socks overnight then the heat will trap inside the feet and it will make the fever worse. Therefore, when the fever goes away in the middle of the night and the baby wakes up and cries out then take the socks out from the feet.

At home, to reduce your baby’s fever with a cold, you have to take care keenly. If your toddler’s cold is high, put shocks on its feet. Moreover, be concerned about overheating or over temperature.

Shocks will help you to reduce cold inside. In this regard, putting on socks is important for a cold, alternatively you have to measure body temperature frequently after putting on socks. Otherwise, the body temperature could be higher.

What is the normal temperature of a baby?

The average rectal temperature for a baby is 98.6° F (37° C). A normal low can be 96.8° F (36° C) in the morning, but it can rise to a high of 100.3° F (37.9° C) later in the day. This range is considered normal.

According to National Health Service UK (

A normal temperature in babies and children is about 36.4C, but this can vary slightly from child to child.

A high temperature is 38C (100.4 F) or more

Service, N. H. (2018, November 26). High temperature (fever) in children. NHS choices. Retrieved October 11, 2022, from,38C%20or%20more.

How Should I put socks with a fever?

During fever time, you should measure your baby fever perfectly. Fever conditions behave differently at different times. Let’s see some conditions that help you to know about using socks on babies during fever.

1.       Firstly, If you notice that your baby’s forehead and armpit temperature is hot and your baby legs are cold, you should use socks to warm it. Besides, you have to frequently check the body temperature, so that it can be normal or not so hot.

 After some time, when you notice that your baby feet are warm enough, take off the socks from it. On the other hand, while rubbing her feet, then put on socks again.

To do so, you have to check the baby’s temperature frequently.

2.       Secondly, if you measure the temperature and find it high like 101-102 F, you should not use the socks. As it can make your baby’s body temperature higher.

3.       Thirdly, when your baby’s fever temperature is around 101 F and its forehead and body is not so warm, but the feet are quite cold, use a light blanket instead of socks. It will help to make normal your baby’s temperature.

Should I put wet socks for fever?

Wearing socks would be a good choice for adults. For newborn, it won’t be a good choice.

How to cope up baby fever naturally?

If you want to reduce your baby’s fever naturally, then apply the six natural ways to reduce baby fever naturally.

Moreover, when should your baby with fever sleep in diaper?  Then you need to be more cautious as when the body temperature reduces and get back to the normal condition, then a wet diaper may cause

may cause many trouble, they are:

  1. Wet diaper is not breathable and rise the risk of diaper rash
  2. Diapers may leak
  3. Baby feel nuisance to sleep with diaper

And many more, to know them learn how to take care baby with fever sleep in diaper.

Well, if you don’t want jump into the above link or write-up then at least follow the Don’t rules (mentioned below the image)

Dressing Tips of your baby during fever
Dressing Tips of your baby during fever

So, how to dress with baby fever at night?

As parents, you are not falling asleep as the little kid is facing harsh fever at night, I guess, I’m right!

May be, the video below may help you to understand better.

When to Call a doctor?

Newborn babies are not easy to deal with when they catch fever. According to “Intensive care requires as they tend to have Febrile Seizure under the age 6.”

When to call a doctor according to FDA:

For all children, call a doctor if you see any of these symptoms:

  • A fever in an infant 2 months or younger
  • A fever of 102 degrees or higher at any age
  • Blue lips
  • Labored breathing, including nostrils widening with each breath, wheezing, fast breathing, the ribs showing with each breath or shortness of breath
  • Not eating or drinking, with signs of dehydration (such as decreased urination)
  • Excessive crankiness or sleepiness
  • Persistent ear pain
  • If the cough lasts for more than three weeks
  • If the child is getting worse

Words from Babiesplannet

For all mothers there, we can tell that whenever your beloved toddler has a fever, take care of it keenly. Make sure to measure the temperature frequently. If the body temperature is not decreasing for more than 2 days, don’t be late to communicate with your doctor. Thank you.

Sarah, a health writer and editor since 2014, is an adoring wife and dedicated mother to 2 daughters and 1 son. As the creator of Babies Plannet, she combines her extensive expertise with her maternal dedication to provide essential care and safety advice for infants, nurturing their well-being and happiness. Her writing explores topics like fitness, pregnancy, and women's healthy lifestyles.

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