Are Bouncers Safe for Babies?

As a new parent, you don’t want to leave your little angel out of your sight, but you also have other household chores to look after. So what to do? Getting a bouncer might come to your mind but are bouncers safe for babies?

You can use bouncers to free up your hands or protect your baby where you can not take them, like in the kitchen or laundry. However, anything used excessively might have side effects. The newborns are fragile, and it’s better to have a time limit to utilize the bouncer.

So, in this blog post, you’ll know whether you should get a bouncer and, if so, it is safe for your little one.

What is a Baby Bouncer?

Are Bouncers Safe for Babies
Are Bouncers Safe for Babies

Bouncers are something that your baby is in love with! You can use it as an alternative to places that are most dangerous for babies like the kitchen or laundry area.’ You can also use it to distract your baby when you have a hectic day.

This product has a softness and the perfect cozy feeling. The size of this is ideal for holding your little one.

The bouncer is low to ground and also pretty lightweight. It’s usually common ground, making you tension-free from baby falling. It also makes it easy to carry anywhere in the house or while traveling.

Bouncers are generally safe for newborns up to two-year-old babies. You can use this as a toddler’s chair while feeding them too.

Moreover, the baby bouncer has a safety belt in front of the seat so that your little one is in its place while you are completing other tasks. They can enjoy playing with it even if you can decorate the bouncer with some fluffy toys.

You can help it move until your baby learns how to kick. You don’t need to plug it or anything. Just make sure the surface is flat to keep the bouncer safe for the baby.

Are Bouncers Safe for Babies?

Well! It’s safe to use bouncers under the supervision of an adult, but still, it’s always recommended to read the instructions before using them. 

Moreover, the perfect neck support for your infant is provided in it. It’s completely safe to use the bouncers. But do make sure that if the baby is not comfortable in it or is too high, it could damage your baby’s spinal cord. So keep a close eye when you keep your little one in the bouncer.

Further, make sure your baby doesn’t bounce high or fast while they are in their bouncer. This might put too much stress on their spine or back.

If they are kicking too hard and you think it’s jerking their heads, stop the motion and take your baby off the bouncers!


The bouncers could help your baby to kick and stand. Babies try everything they see, so when they start using his feet, the bouncer could assist them to stand. In short, bouncers can be an ideal option to help your babies learn to walk.


Too much of anything might result in adverse effects! If your baby loves to sit all day in the bouncer, you should immediately discourage this practice. This exercise could delay the baby’s ability to turn over on their belly or sit up independently.

Note: You should maintain the time limit of the use of bouncers. It should not be more than twenty minutes.

Can Baby Bouncers Cause Shaken Baby Syndrome?

The shaken baby syndrome, known as (SBS) is a brain injury that occurs due to a baby or toddler being shaken violently. (SBS) causes swelling, bruising, and bleeding inside the brain.

Bouncers are safe to use as long as there’s a proper time limitation. Newborns or infants need their heads to be supported at all times. You should always measure the movement of the bouncers. The gently swinging and bouncing won’t cause the shaken baby syndrome.

The baby’s spinal cord could be damaged, which might even affect the heart and lungs. In some cases, even the worst unimaginable mishaps might occur. So, stay cautious in such cases.

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Is bouncer safe for special babies?

The answer is yes. Using it with proper guidelines and in your supervision, it’s completely safe. If you notice anything uncommon, consult with your doctor immediately. Moreover, don’t leave your baby to sleep in bouncers as this can cause adverse effects to your child.

Is it Alright to Let Your Babies Sleep in Bouncers?

A bouncer or jumper is inappropriate for your babies to sleep. There are a few reasons for this, and the significant reason is sleeping on bouncers can affect the spinal nerves of your babies can cause lead to various health conditions. So, it’s not wise to allow your babies to sleep in bouncers. 

Are bouncers safe for strengthening a baby’s legs?

There are two types of bouncers available on the market, one for newborns and the other for toddlers.
Toddler bouncers are designed to let your child stand and bounce. Bouncer helps stretch and build a baby’s legs to prepare for crawling and walking. It is supported with an elastic type of harness.

Bottom Line

So, are bouncers safe for babies? Well, it entirely depends on the way you use it. If you use it only to aid when your baby is walking and crawling, it’s absolutely fine, however, you need to keep an eye on your babies as long as they are on the bouncer. 

However, keeping them on the bouncer for too long or making them used to this might result in side effects such as spinal issues or even lungs and heart issues. So, make sure to read the instructions thoroughly when you get yourself a bouncer for your little one. 

Sarah, a health writer and editor since 2014, is an adoring wife and dedicated mother to 2 daughters and 1 son. As the creator of Babies Plannet, she combines her extensive expertise with her maternal dedication to provide essential care and safety advice for infants, nurturing their well-being and happiness. Her writing explores topics like fitness, pregnancy, and women's healthy lifestyles.

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