Why Is Baby Eating Ice Cream with Foot? (Reasons & Preventions)

There are many cute viral videos on the internet of the baby eating ice cream with foot. So parents take this act so weird when they see it the first time. No worries, your baby still remains sound mentally and physically. We will explain such activity from different points and reasons.

Babies are adorable, and whatever they do, you love them. Sometimes you become panicked because of the danger to your little ones’ health.

However, you must wait until your baby is two years or at least six months old, then give the baby ice cream. Also, the baby’s health is at risk with an amount of sugar that makes it dangerous for babies. However, babies learn every day, and their toes are a milestone, so relax and enjoy the moment. 

We are here with all the details that every pediatrician will recommend for your little one. Keep reading to know more. 

Reasons Why Baby Eating Ice Cream With Foot

Why Baby Eating Ice Cream With Foot

There are ample reasons your baby is eating ice cream from their feet. And there is no wrong with it. It is just part of their learning and growing. 

However, after controlling their hands, they can also discover their toes, which is good for vision. And it’s entirely normal for a baby to eat feet and enjoy it. 

Discovering Their Feet

When a baby is discovering everything, from their fingers to their toes, everything is part of their learning experience, even the environment, and body. Firstly, they find hands, it’s time for toes, and they like to suck them. 

Also, if their favorite treat is around and they want to try with feet, it seems odd, but for babies, it is just a learning process. Allowing them to learn about body parts is vital for development and education. 

Happy To Eat Toes 

Baby eating toes is satisfying and soothing as it’s part of their play. Most babies don’t eat toes, which is alright. But some do, and that’s also fine, considering they are exploring things around them, and putting it in her mouth makes them happy. 

Also, babies are the easiest person you can make happy by making faces, playing with, or talking. Everything makes them happy and laugh because babies are curious about everything. It is part of making them comfortable and eating ice cream with their feet.

Baby Starts Eating Toes

Every baby is exceptional, and they are learning according to their capacity. There are also times when babies start eating toes after seven to eight months, yet some never do such a thing.  

Babies eat on their toes because it’s their way of learning, and especially it’s a big part of exploring the world and environment by their mouths. You have noticed that everything they see and find interesting after some time goes to their mouth.

So it’s pretty standard that your baby eats ice cream from their feet or toes as it’s just their part of the exploration. 

Baby Enjoy Eating Feet

Baby eats their feet with ice cream makes them happy as there are non-liquid textures on their hands and feet. Babies are fragile and do not know the proper dining ethics to eat ice cream, and that’s completely alright—a 2-year-old start to understand to eat food by hand, not from their feet. 

However, you might think it looks terrible when babies eat or lick ice cream from their feet. We’ll suggest enjoying and taking videos of your little ones. 

Ways to prevent baby from eating ice cream with a foot

You may be able to find some of the handy tips and tricks that can stop your baby from eating ice cream with their foot.

You don’t need to worry about the germs as the baby’s feet are free from germs until they start walking.

But, you must prevent babies from eating ice cream regularly as they are high in sugar and cold treats lead to runny noses. It can cause stomach diseases such as diarrhea, vomiting, difficulty breathing, and itching.

Ice cream on feet

Frist, ice cream is a delicious treat in the summer season, but you must avoid it to give one month to two years old toddler as it can lead to stomach ache. 

Here are the reasons you must avoid giving ice cream to your babies. 


Every ice cream brand tries to offer the best-flavored ice cream, which contains food coloring, artificial ingredients, amount of sugar, fats, and false fragrance. All these ingredients are unhealthy for a baby. Plus, if a baby is eating ice cream with her foot is hole disaster.

Whole milk

Whole milk is sour for your baby is sensitive to whole milk and cream, especially if your baby is breastfeeding, then you must avoid the ice cream containing cow milk. Because during breastfeeding, the baby may have lactose intolerance too.

Ice Cream Allergic Reactions.

The solid ingredients and added flavors may not give your baby’s feet any allergy reaction but can cause digestion problems for your baby. Most babies grow gas buildup, chronic stomach pain, and colic issues. 

You must find alternatives to ice cream use smoothies, flavored yogurt, and custard. Apply a thin layer to their hand. It will distract them from eating feet, and they start sucking their hands instead of feet.  

Stop Them From Eating Toes

Why is my baby eating his toes

You can trick them and apply some not-so-delicious things on their feet. You can dip their toes in neem juice as it is bitter, and it will prevent your baby from eating your feet.  

Moreover, make sure that your baby is not allergic to neem juice. If the baby turns red or their face swell, immediately take him to the doctor. However, crying is a typical gesture to show you that a little one is missing eating feet. 

Alternatives Gadgets

You can distract him by providing him with a pacifier. There are many products available that do the job. Baby takes everything or anything in their mouth while exploring the environment and body. So, supplying them with fruit pacifiers is also a good alternative as they can enjoy some fruit juice, but the best age to provide a pacifier is five to six months for a baby. 


You can distract him in many ways. When playing with your baby, it seems quite often they leave everything and start focusing on you. So, the best way to distract him is to tickle him, sing a song, and play with his favorite toy.

Doing this exercise can distract them quickly, and you can change this habit over time. But make sure that you have to be calm and patient as babies are exploring everything. They can annoy you by repeating it, or you use other tricks.

Socks and Shoes

The best way is to put socks and shoes on the baby’s feet so they can’t eat feet. But make sure that shoes are neat and clean, or they can expose germs.

However, most babies are clever enough to use their energy, remove the shoes, and start eating feet with socks, as it can be dangerous too. So, it’s better to let them enjoy exploring and having fun. 


Suppose you think your babies are exposed to germs due to eating ice cream with toes. So, you may clean the foot and then let them eat it. Remember, babies are fragile, and scolding to screaming won’t help you in the situation. 

However, when they grow up, they’ll get interested in learning other things and forget about eating ice cream on foot. 

Bottom Line

Little ones are exploring everything around them and their body. As a parent, you must understand their body language and what they say. And ice creams are a delightful treat everyone loves, but too much for babies can lead to severe health issues.

So, you must ensure that your babies are eating healthy, and there are many milestones like growing teeth, etc. So you must be confident and prepare for every milestone as a parent. 

Sarah, a health writer and editor since 2014, is an adoring wife and dedicated mother to 2 daughters and 1 son. As the creator of Babies Plannet, she combines her extensive expertise with her maternal dedication to provide essential care and safety advice for infants, nurturing their well-being and happiness. Her writing explores topics like fitness, pregnancy, and women's healthy lifestyles.

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