Can You Eat Cornstarch While Pregnant?

Yes, obviously you can eat cornstarch while pregnant and cornstarch is safe for babies too.

Consuming a small amount of cornstarch during pregnancy is not bad.

Anyway, we know that women go through various changes during their pregnancy. Most of them have more awareness about their daily diet. 

In that case, some may have pre-existing habits to eat cornstarch, or due to the lack of enough zinc or folic acid during pregnancy, they have craved while pregnant.

So, they may want to know ‘how to consume cornstarch while expecting’, ‘whether they can eat cornstarch’, whether it is good or how much starch they can eat, and so more questions. 

That is why, in this article, we will be discussing cornstarch and consuming cornstarch during pregnancy. So keep reading.

Is Eating cornstarch while pregnant safe?

Cornstarch is a type of substance that we can get from corn. It actually helps to make any food thick and stable.

However, during pregnancy, it is safe to consume cornstarch if you follow the precaution of food safety. We can use cornstarch for both sweet or slavery items. 

In addition, it is a good ingredient that contains soluble fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, and more. So if you eat cornstarch in moderation, it will be more helpful for you and your baby.

So you can obviously eat some cornstarch during pregnancy. Anyway, we all know that excess is not good and desirable. This is why you keep it in self-restraint.

Why do pregnant women want to eat cornstarch during pregnancy?

Actually, some pregnant women have strange cravings during their pregnancy. 

They want to eat not only cornstarch but also some non-food items. It is known as a pica disorder.

Anyway, if you want to know more about their cravings for non-food substances, why they crave them, or how to deal with pica disorder, don’t go anywhere. 

Just keep reading. We describe it all at once.

Some studies show that between 27 to 68 percent of pregnant women may face this problem. Even it indicates a common issue for some pregnant women. They have cravings for different kinds of food or non-food substances. 

The cravings for non-food substances during pregnancy are known to us as a pica disorder. Because of this disorder, some pregnant women trigger the following non-food items. Such as 

  • Baby powder
  • Ice
  • Dirt
  • Paint chips
  • Chalk
  • Clay
  • Hair
  • Wire
  • Soap
  • Cornstarch
  • And many others.

However, still, there have no proven reasons behind this behavior. The lack of folic acid and zinc in their body during pregnancy may be the reason behind having such strange cravings for cornstarch. 

So take supplements of vitamins, calcium, and folic acid before or during pregnancy. Then you may keep safe from this non-food cravings or pica disorder.

How Much Cornstarch Can I Eat?`

Not a handful amount and not even daily basis you may eat corn during pregnancy.

It is not secure to consume cornstarch by itself. You can add a small amount of cornflour with some food items. It can add some calories and carbohydrates to this food.

How To Deal With Pica During Pregnancy?

Pica disorder is an eating disease. Some pregnant women experience this disorder, which refers to the need for proper nutrients. 

It may be a warning sign for pregnant women. It hints that you need additional nutrients in your body.

However, during pregnancy, you must need more nutrients for your and your baby’s development. 

If your body does not get the required nutrients, it may lead to nutrient deficiencies in the mother’s body.  

Nevertheless, some studies show that pica disorder may cause iron deficiency anemia. So owing to this disorder, you need to take vitamins and iron supplements and contact your doctor.

Yet you can perform some of the following things to deal with pica disorder. You can perform these bellowing activities that may distract your attention from the non-food item. Such as:

  • Walking
  • Reading or writing
  • Drawing
  • Or any other activities that you love.

You can take chewing gum as a substitute for non-food items.

Can Pregnant Women Eat Raw Corn? Is It Safe?

It is also safe to eat raw corn if it is in a salad or uncooked during pregnancy. Corn contains calories and little nutrients, vitamins, and fibers. So you can consume it.

But always follow some safety tips before eating raw corn while you are expecting. Such as

  • Wash the raw corn very well before eating.
  • You can scrub raw corn with a vegetable brush and clean them with running water.
  • While you take the corn from a can, you need to check it. Avoid the can which has cracks, lumps, and dents.

Benefits of Eating Cornstarch When Pregnant:

During pregnancy, it is essential to consume nutritious foods to keep the good health of pregnant women and their babies. 

Cornstarch is such a healthy food that can help you to be healthy. Cornstarch is also delicious to eat and contains nutrients.

However, there are some benefits to eating cornstarch during pregnancy. They are:

Lessen Constipation:

It is normal to face constipation during pregnancy. So you can regularly consume cornstarch during pregnancy because it contains soluble fiber. 

And it helps to reduce your digestive problems. 

Relieve morning sickness:

Most pregnant women usually experience morning sickness. They feel vomiting and nausea. In that case, cornstarch may help you relieve this problem. 

But you must drink more water before eating cornstarch unless it may cause diarrhea.  

Regulate blood sugar levels:

Cornstarch contains vitamins and nutrients that help you absorb the extra carbohydrate. Then you manage your blood sugar level. It also helps to lower your cholesterol.

Weight gain:

Cornstarch also helps you to gain weight because it can burn the fat in your body very soon. Yet you need to take other food besides this cornstarch.

Reduces birth-defect:

Corn has folic acid that helps to lessen the risk of birth defects, stillbirth, or other neural functions in the body.

Heart diseases and diabetes:

Cornstarch has fiber that helps to control gestational diabetes and fewer heart diseases. This fiber also maintains the blood sugar level. 

However, not only these benefits but cornstarch have also more benefits. Though it is good for your health, more use of cornstarch may be harmful to you. 

So keep a limit to eating cornstarch. You should even eat it at the end of the meal.

Potential Side Effects of Eating Cornstarch While Pregnant:

As cornstarch has enough benefits, it seems to be eaten safely during pregnancy. But it also shows some side effects when we consume an excessive amount of cornstarch.

However, here we include some side effects of corn flour during pregnancy.

First, let’s know about cornstarch from a registered dietitian and health and nutrition writer from Gauteng, South Africa. 

She is Wendy Lord and says, “Eating corn in excess can cause indigestion and other digestive problems.”

She also says, “Overconsumption of corn also increases the risk of heart illness because it is a rich source of fatty acids. It can also result in unnecessary weight gain that can be problematic for women during or after the delivery.”

Not only that, but it also includes some other problems. Such as

Allergic reaction: 

Cornstarch includes gluten which may activate allergen reactions for some expectant women who can’t tolerate gluten. 

Abdominal pain: 

If you over-consume cornstarch, it may absorb water from your guts and lead to abdominal pain.


Cornstarch has a high amount of calories. So if you eat so much cornstarch, you will gain weight quickly and face iron deficiency. It may raise the risk of anemia.

However, if you notice any symptoms among those, you should seek a doctor.

Can I use cornstarch in soup during pregnancy?

As mentioned above, cornstarch is a substance that works as a food thickener and stabilizer. So when you make soup, you can use corn flour to thicken your soup. 

But will it be safe to use cornstarch in your soup?

Ok, the answer will be yes, if you use the right amount of cornstarch. If you intake more cornstarch in your soup and eat it during pregnancy, it may lead to some bad effects on you and your baby.

So stay within the limit and use cornstarch in your soup.

Can you eat cornstarch while breastfeeding?

Yes, you can eat cornstarch while breastfeeding because it will increase the productivity of breast milk. But is it safe for you?

Cornstarch is one type of carbohydrate, and we get glucose from it that helps to produce more milk. So if you eat cornstarch, your breast milk supplement may increase. 

But before eating cornstarch, you should talk to your doctor. They might confirm whether it is safe or how much cornstarch you should eat. They will also help you to take the right amount of cornstarch. 

Is starch bad for pregnant women?

Yet it will cause serious health problems if you consume an excessive amount. So keep in the limit to that cornstarch during pregnancy. 

Consuming a small amount of cornstarch is obviously well for pregnant women. Cornstarch contains folic acid, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. 

These can help to reduce your morning sickness, constipation, and the risk of stillbirth while you are expectant. 

What happens when you eat cornstarch?

Eating more cornstarch may lead to gestational diabetes, allergic reactions, abdominal pain, and other critical health problems. Both you and your baby may be affected by this problem. 

So if you notice your cravings for cornstarch, you must consult your doctor to avoid any unexpected problems during your pregnancy. Have a healthy journey with your pregnancy.

Eating cornstarch may be helpful for your health, but you should keep it in your self-restraint. While you eat it every day with an intake amount, it may lead to many health problems. Such as

It may raise the risk of

  • blood sugar level,
  • type 2 diabetes, 
  • Abdominal pain
  • coronary heart disease
  • digestion problems, etc.


Consuming a small amount of cornstarch is not bad for you. It may help you by relieving constipation, and morning sickness, regulating blood sugar levels, and so on during pregnancy. 

That is because cornflour is a type of carbohydrate. Even a pregnant woman gets nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants from corn flour.

So it is obviously safe for pregnant women to eat cornstarch during pregnancy. But you must intake it for the right amount.

Sarah, a health writer and editor since 2014, is an adoring wife and dedicated mother to 2 daughters and 1 son. As the creator of Babies Plannet, she combines her extensive expertise with her maternal dedication to provide essential care and safety advice for infants, nurturing their well-being and happiness. Her writing explores topics like fitness, pregnancy, and women's healthy lifestyles.

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