Yeast Infection Late Period Negative Pregnancy Test

Yeast infection causes yeast infection late period negative pregnancy test.

Study shows 3 out of 4 of women are affected by yeast infection throughout their pregnancy timeline.

Vulvova*ginal candidiasis is another name of yeast infection, because they are usually caused by candida. This candida is a type of yeast. It lives on our skin or inside the body.  When va*ginal candidiasis grows out of control, it causes yeast infection.

If you are pregnant but your test is negative, you can easily treat by following some do’s and don’t.

When it goes out of control some medications may help as well. Don’t worry though the infection itself won’t harm baby. However, the infection would be uncomfortable for you.

Yeast Infection late period negative pregnancy test results

In my TTC journey, my period is late and I have a yeast infection, if anyone has experienced a bacterial infection or yeast infection during pregnancy?

Yeast Infection late period negative pregnancy test
What was my test result? read below

I was 9 weeks when I experienced burning, itchiness, white discharge as well as thickness. and I believe I have a yeast infection missed period negative result due to some intense symptoms after that my pregnancy test came negative.

The only thing my results showed was that my white blood cell count was high which means I was fighting an infection. If anyone don’t get it treated it may be dangerous for the baby like miscarriage may happen.

Me and my partner have it atm we think, it’s nothing to be embarrassed off its so easy to get especially whilst pregnant. It’s the hormones that changes the PH balance. I’ve known people to get a yeast infection or UTI from putting to much bubble bath etc in the bath and whilst pregnant everything is more delicate

There are several symptoms of yeast infection that means your period is late but negative pregnancy test

  •         Va*gina itching problem
  •         Burning feelings during peeing
  •         Panning during sexual intercourse
  •         The va*gina as well as vulva (outer part of the female genitals) will be swelling and redness
  •         A weak immune system of the body
  •         High Diabetes
  •         Having antibiotics and other drugs
  •         Va*ginal soreness
  •         Abnormal or watery va*ginal discharge

What if your period is late but negative pregnancy test?

Make sure your not having sex as you can pass it to partner and he can pass it back etc so just gets passed back and forth so harder to get rid of, try not use soap in shower/bath. But Best bet is getting cream that has miconazole or clotrimazole.

If you feel something different about yourself, you should communicate with your doctor ASAP.

Furthermore, if you notice the symptom of yeast infection in your va*ginal area, you need to take your pregnancy test at a medical center.

Yeast infection medication or prescription image
Medication for yeast infection

One of my friend went to visit a Doc and she got some medications, I am showing you below:

If you have a yeast infection can you get pregnant?

If you have a yeast infection can you get pregnant
Here are remedies when you have a yeast infection

Yes, lots of natural things you can do that can clear the infection that is not harmful to baby.

If it is possible then I would stay away from antibiotics while pregnant. However, if it is getting worse, then I told you about the medications above.

Apart from that, I have some safe suggestion for you without any medications and it works!

Apple cider vinegar has been used to soothe the itching, burning, and other symptoms of yeast infections. ACV can be added to lukewarm bathwater (one cup), or it can be consumed by adding two capfuls to a glass of water twice daily.

According to U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) you can take irish moss/sea moss half of the 400 mcg daily recommendation.

organic sea moss for yeast infection treatment during pregnancy
Sea moss treats great for yeast infection

Drink cranberry juice and eat full cream plain yogurt, which are natural remedies.

BioCycle study (2005–2007) prospectively followed 259 healthy women aged 18–44 years where folic acid helps to pregnant mothers to avoid such infection.

Maintain a healthy weight: Overweight or obese individuals may have skin folds in the genital area that could trap moisture and heat. This could increase the risk of candida growth. If you lose weight for a huge amount within a short period, your hormonal activities can be changed. In this regard, your menstrual cycle can be a mess. So, it can be the cause of your missed period.

Wear clothing that breathes:

Breathable clothing during pregnancy
Breathable clothing during pregnancy

Wear material that wicks moisture away from the skin: fungi tend to flourish in warm and moist environments.

Manage blood sugar levels: Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes encourage the growth of yeast.

Decrease consumption of sugar and starches: Consuming foods low in sugar and starches could decrease the risk of yeast infections.

Don’t take much stress: Your hormonal activities have a great relationship with your physiological matters. High stress can be the cause of your missed period. Therefore, you should take rest and eat well. Moreover you need to conceal it with your medical advisor to maintain your stress normally.

Can yeast infection cause missed period?

Yeast infection including emotional breakdown or stress, and physical stress may cause missed period. However, they are minor reasons for late period, the main reason is hCG level.

For example, if you take a pregnancy test with onion and urine, it shows the hCG level (the urine test).

The test kit result would be 99% accurate if it shows up negative or positive. But when you are affected by yeast infection then it won’t be accurate.

According to National Library of Medicine :

hCG level goes up to 49% during pregnancy that triggers late period.

Don’t assume that the missed period can cause when the egg is fertilizing, or the ovulation.

Yeast infection before bfp

There are so many success stories of BFP most of them are having mild yeast infection, congestion, and the throat was scratchy. They had yeast infection at the same time they got positive test result.

For example, the 5 DPO symptoms success stories and some negative test results like 7dp5dt BFN, 8 DPO BFN, 12 dpo bfn, 13 DPO BFN may turn out success stories. At that period, you should always go through home use ovulation urine test.

Can a yeast infection affect a pregnancy test?

Yes, in pregnancy test report, yeast infection can affect a pregnancy test result so you may find the pregnancy test line darker than control line.

Can a yeast infection affect a pregnancy test
Test kit result

The true result, you will come to know when you will go for a medical test. So, if you get a negative test result that means the yeast infection affect the pregnancy test.

In this regard, you need to take treatment for a yeast infection fast.

Can yeast infection kill sperm

Can yeast infection kill sperm
Yeast kill men sperm!

The yeast infected area somewhat may become an obstacle for the sperm due to the internal va*ginal flora.. Therefore, the sperm oftentimes unable to penetrate or enter into the fallopian tube and turns out the sperm dies.

If you are trying to conceive at the same time, you are infected with yeast, it seems a bit tough but neither impossible nor the sperm will die.

Some words from Babiesplannet

At the end of this yeast infection late period negative pregnancy test discussion, pregnant mother should take it seriously. It is a common issue for any woman. If anything is wrong, go to the doctor and take advice from the doctor.

Moreover, for women who are trying to be pregnant and getting negative results several times, they need to take the test at the hospital. You will know everything about what to do. So, don’t late.

Can a yeast infection cause a false positive pregnancy test?

Symptoms of a yeast infection can include itching, burning, and irritation in the affected area, as well as a thick, white discharge that may have a yeasty odor. However, this odor would not typically be associated with a c-section delivery.

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Sarah, a health writer and editor since 2014, is an adoring wife and dedicated mother to 2 daughters and 1 son. As the creator of Babies Plannet, she combines her extensive expertise with her maternal dedication to provide essential care and safety advice for infants, nurturing their well-being and happiness. Her writing explores topics like fitness, pregnancy, and women's healthy lifestyles.

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