How To Get Something Out of Baby’s Eye?

How to get something out of babys eye? Now that is a compelling and panicking question for any new person as we know that babies are sensitive to everything at the beginning stages. And when it comes to eyes, it must be dealt with utmost care. 

The baby’s eye is more sensitive than an adult’s and will react to light, dust, and other irritants.

How To Get Something Out Of Babys Eye
How To Get Something Out Of Babys Eye

– If the baby has an object in their eye:

– Gently wash the eye with lukewarm water or saline solution.

– Then you have to gently take out any foreign objects from the child’s eye.

– Apply a warm towel to the closed eyelid for 5 minutes.

There are ways for you to deal with daily problems like this of newborn baby eye injury. So, ease your mind; as we have got you everything covered in this. But do keep in mind that this suggestion is for minor problems; if the matter is serious, immediately ask for medical help.

Complete Guide On How To Get Something Out Of Babys Eye

Lets talk about how can you get something out of your baby’s eye below:

Get Something Out Of Babys Eye

Immediate Actions Taken
Before you jump into taking action to take the small and disturbing particle out of your babys eye, you must do a few things immediately to ease your baby and get the work.

Wash Hands
It is like the most significant rule when touching a baby you must wash your hands immediately before touching the young child eyes. As you never know the kind of germs your hands are carrying, do that immediately.

Ask For Help
As you are dealing with a delicate matter, it will be great to ask for someone else’s help here. The eye doctor suggests that it is ideal for two people to handle this matter in this kind of situation.

Keeping Hands Away
As the child’s eye are irritating them, they will try to put their hands on the eyes immediately. But don’t let that happen. Keep the baby’s hands away from the infected eyes as touching can cause more problems for the eyes.
If you are alone dealing with the baby, wrap the baby up; this way, you can prevent their hands from touching the eyes and kind of eye infection.

No Usage Of Fingers Or Tools
Don’t use your fingers or any other tools to look into the eyes of the baby. Using any of these things can make the injury of the eyes worse, which can even lead to severe issues like the cornea of the eye being torn.

Things That Go Inside The Eyes

It would help you understand which process to apply if you have an idea about the objects that enter the eyes, it will be easy for you to apply the ways.

Blowing Dust
On a windy day, small blowing dust particles like sand dirt can be found in the eyes.

Finding eyelashes is very common, and it often happens.

Dry Mucus
The tear duct of the newborn babies doesn’t start working immediately due to that dry mucus surrounding their eyes when they are sleeping.

Sharp Objects
Broken pieces of sharp objects lying down on the floor can get inside the eyes when the baby is playing.

How to remove the object from your baby eye?

Now that you guys have an idea of what kind of objects you can find inside your baby’s eyes. Let’s look into how you can apply from taking the foreign object out of your toddler’s eye.

Using Damp Cloth

Remember to wash hands before touching the baby’s eyes. After that check, the warmth of the cloth inside the arm makes sure it is not too warm that can cause a burn. Soak a washcloth into the water, then rinse the extra water so that the cloth is not drenched.

After you are done examining the damp cloth, use it to carefully wipe the inside of the eyes to remove any particles. This cleaning will also help prevent any other particles from entering the eyes. 

Place the damp cloth on the closed eyes for a few minutes; this way, the composition of heat and moisture will allow the eyes to produce natural tears, hence cleaning up the dirt away. Lastly, wipe the outside of the eyes with a damp cloth and check if there are any more objects left.

Using a damp cloth is one of the gentlest processes of getting the dirt out of your baby’s eye. Hopefully, the sweet little angel will be less fussy and irritable after the process. 

Flushing The Eyes

You can use your faucet or sink to flush the baby’s eyes. This process is a bit difficult to handle but not impossible. And you may need someone for assistance. 

So what you need to do is hold the baby over the sink, and the infected eye should be down with their eyelids open. Make sure both the top and bottom eyelids are open and are towards the water. 

After you can deal with this step, flush lukewarm water into the eyes continuously for up to 15 minutes, but between every five minutes, check if the dirt is gone or not. If the dirt is still unclear after this process, immediately contact your doctor with further delay.


Some parents may get scared that while flushing water in the eyes in the faucet or sink, the excessive water can go in the wrong direction. Those people can use an eyedropper or medical dropper and insert lukewarm water inside it. 

But to check the warmth of the water. After that, squirt the water from the eye drop carefully in their eyes. The pressure from the water will force dirt out of their eyes.

Giving Some Time

It may sound wrong to wait for the particle to be removed naturally. But not all objects that are found inside the eyes are harmful. 

If you find eyelashes inside the eyes, it may not be irritating the baby. And will naturally come out of the eyes when the baby opens and closes their eyes. But do keep in check and monitor their movements.

Contact the eye doctor if you see that they are rubbing their eyes too much or their eyes have become red or teary eyes.

Cotton Swab

If you don’t want the eyelash to go naturally, you use another way to get rid of it.

First, prevent your baby from rubbing their eyes. Then take hold of the upper eyelid and lower and look for the eyelash. Then with a cotton swab, take out the eyelash gently. Make sure to use your fingers to keep the eyes open or ask for someone else to hold the baby.

After giving your best efforts, when you understand that things are serious in the baby’s eyes, it is wise to immediately consult with the doctor. Remember, a few small things can lead to bigger things such as eye cancer, heavy eye discharge, pink eye, or what we call conjunctivitis.


Hopefully, the ideas we have presented here will help understand how to get something out of babys eye. These suggestions are only for mild purposes; if things get serious, like the dirt is still not out, or if the babies have red and teary eyes, immediately consult the doctor. And always ask for assistance when handling your baby, and don’t forget to wash your hands.

Sarah, a health writer and editor since 2014, is an adoring wife and dedicated mother to 2 daughters and 1 son. As the creator of Babies Plannet, she combines her extensive expertise with her maternal dedication to provide essential care and safety advice for infants, nurturing their well-being and happiness. Her writing explores topics like fitness, pregnancy, and women's healthy lifestyles.

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