Is Aquaphor Safe for Babies – Don’t Harm Your Babies

Aquaphor is primarily a petroleum-based ointment that is specially made for treating simple and minor wounds of babies. Aquaphor is kind of similar to the famous brand “vaseline” petroleum jelly. 

However, as the newborn or baby’s skin is sensitive, mothers often tend to ask themselves “is Aquaphor safe for babies?”

Well, the answer is yes. Aquaphor is mild in nature than the prevalent petroleum jellies. It has more moisture lock ability than others and this is what is needed most for the newborns’ excessive dry skin.

You can use Aquaphor for babies to treat diaper rashes, chafed skin, and other minor skin problems of babies. However, if you are still perturbed about the safety, look at the all pros and cons of it below which provides you the right answer when Aquaphor safe for babies and when not

Is Aquaphor safe for babies or not? 

Aquaphor is an ointment that can heal minor injuries and wounds properly with its moisture-locking ability. This product is safe and specially made for the use of babies’ skin.

Generally, the babies have extremely sensitive skin and are prone to wounds like diaper rashes, cracked skin, extremely dry skin which causes minor scratches, chafed skin and cheeks, drool rashes, etc. 

If these minor wounds are not treated properly and regularly, they can turn into bigger ones with the passage of time. But as we are talking about babies’ skin, we can’t use just any product for treatment. In this case, Aquaphor comes in handy and heals the wounds without causing any reaction.

Rather than using any ointment which is used for adult injuries, using Aquaphor is appropriate for babies as it contains mild ingredients which have more moisturizing abilities. But it has some bad sides too, lets start with the good sides first below:

Is Aquaphor good for babies? 

You should use Aquaphor for your babies as a medium of mild treatment and proper care. Aquaphor can come in handy and play a very important role in treating the following minor wounds, and also safe or good for your babies.

Prevents rashes from diaper

You may prevent your boy from peeing while changing diapers but it is not that easy to prevent rashes especially when they wear it for a longer period. This rash can turn into a greater problem with the passage of time if not treated instantly.

But if Aquaphor can be used on the area after taking off the diaper regularly, the rash will be healed. So, to cure and prevent rashes from diapers, you should apply Aquaphor on babies.

Note: Bactracin would be an alternative to treat diaper rashes unless, your baby has no allergic condition. Feel free to read- Is Bactracin safe for babies or not?

Capable of healing cracked skin

Cracked skin is the most common problem of newborn babies as their skin takes time to adjust to the outside atmosphere.

During that time, the baby’s skin got exposed to the cold weather and resulting in cracked skin. Aquaphor is capable of healing cracked skin. Thus you had better use it.

The ability for treating dry skin

Babies have super sensitive skin and their skin tends to dry every now and then.

As a result, the skin becomes extremely dry and can cause further skin-related problems. So, for treating dry skin, you can apply Aquaphor ointment made for babies. This ointment has the magical ability to improve dry skin conditions.

Treating minor scratches & irritated areas

Babies often get minor scratches and irritated areas which makes them uncomfortable and they can’t sleep properly and end up crying all the time. So, treating the minor scratches and irritated areas is significant. you should use Aquaphor for doing so.

Have more moisture-lock ability

Because of the different ingredients present in Aquaphor aside from petroleum jelly, this product is extremely useful in moisturizing the babies’ dry skin. This is because it is designed for this specific purpose with more moisture-lock ability. So you should use it on your baby’s skin instead of using the ointments made for adults.

Is Aquaphor bad for babies or newborns?

Aquaphor bad for baby in some cases. Interestingly, though it is safe for baby to use for skin care, it is not safe for breastfeeding mothers. So, if you want to verify: Is Aquaphor safe for baby face or not then lets go through the following citation:

“According to, if you are breastfeeding, avoid applying Aquaphor Healing to breast areas that may come into contact with the baby’s mouth (Source:”

So, make sure even though you are using for healing breast area, you won’t breastfeed your baby after applying it. Clean the area then your baby will remain safe.

Some mild side effects are:

  • skin redness or tenderness;
  • itching; or
  • swelling.

“According to, less serious side effects may be more likely, and you may have none at all.

This is not a complete list of side effects and others may occur. Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects (source:”

Is Aquaphor ingredients safe for babies?

To be sure about the safety of the Aquaphor, you must have knowledge about the ingredients which are used to prepare the ointment. 

Petroleum jelly

The main ingredient of Aquaphor is petroleum jelly and the ointment contains about 41% of petroleum jelly. This is an active ingredient that works as a skin protectant. The way petroleum protects the skin is by forming an occlusive barrier on the skin which prevents moisture from losing.


Ceresin within the Aquaphor is known as the only mineral wax which is derived from shale rocks or coal-type materials. Sometimes ceresin can be generated by purifying ozokerite which is a kind of natural wax. 


There are about 12 types of vitamin-B and panthenol that can be collected from vitamin-B5. This is also called pro-vitamin and is considered one of the best ingredients for skin because of its humectant properties. This can improve your skin condition noticeably.


Glycerin is also used in Aquaphor. As you may already know that glycerin is a well-known ingredient to use as a moisturizer. This has the most humectant properties of glycerin.

Lanolin alcohol

Aquaphor also contains lanolin alcohol and this ingredient is collected from animal skin. This contains cholesterol and fatty acids which are proven to be beneficial for the repair of skin.


Bisabolol is an antioxidant that has soothing anti-irritant properties for skin repair. This is derived from chamomile plants which have healing effects.


Is regular Aquaphor safe for babies?

Regular Aquaphor is not that different from the ones specially made for babies. Aquaphors made for babies contain glycerin and soothing bisabolol which is absent in regular Aquaphors.
However, you can use regular Aquaphor safely for babies though they will provide less moisturization than the baby Aquaphor provides.

When should I give my baby Aquaphor?

You will come across many minor wounds on your baby’s skin while taking care of it. The wounds can be of various types e.g. rashes from diapers, chafed cheeks, drool rashes, cracked skin, etc. Don’t panic because you can treat them just by applying Aquaphor onto them. Aquaphor will treat them with its ingredients like lanolin alcohol, bisabolol, panthenol, etc. in it.

What’s the difference between baby Aquaphor and regular?

Though regular Aquaphor and baby Aquaphor are quite the same, there is still a slight difference. Baby Aquaphor has more moisture lock ability than the regular Aquaphor as the regular Aquaphor doesn’t have the humectant properties of glycerin and the bisabolol which comes from the soothing chamomile plant.

Is Aquaphor safe for daily use?

Each and every product has its usage limit and excessive use of anything is not recommended. So, if your dermatologist instructs you to use Aquaphor as a daily product, then you can apply it daily and also safely. So, use Aquaphor daily if needed and recommended by your doctor. However, make sure to avoid using it if you have a lanolin allergy. 

Is Aquaphor the same as Vaseline?

Aquaphor is a product that contains 41% petroleum jelly whereas vaseline has 100% petroleum jelly. Aquaphor and vaseline both are used to treat minor wounds and injuries and also to lock the moisture of your skin. But Aquaphor contains extra ingredients like mineral oil, ceresin, panthenol, glycerin, etc. which enable the product to moisturize the skin more than the vaseline does.


A baby needs the utmost care and intensive maintenance. So before applying Aquaphor, you must come to know is Aquaphor safe for babies or not?

The pros are: Any newborn baby’s skin is super sensitive and loses moisture way too easily. This causes their dry skin and other minor wounds and they require instant care. A solution to all of these is applying Aquaphor.

The Cons are: As Aquaphor is mostly seen to be used by adults, it’s natural to wonder about its safety in the case of babies. But you can rest assured and apply it on the skin of your baby if there’s no chance of lanolin allergy. Also, mother should avoid using it around breast area before feeding her babies.

Hope the aforementioned reasons and the explanation of the ingredients used will assist you to be assured about the safety of the Aquaphor. So, apply the baby’s Aquaphor and keep the skin any minor wound free.

Sarah, a health writer and editor since 2014, is an adoring wife and dedicated mother to 2 daughters and 1 son. As the creator of Babies Plannet, she combines her extensive expertise with her maternal dedication to provide essential care and safety advice for infants, nurturing their well-being and happiness. Her writing explores topics like fitness, pregnancy, and women's healthy lifestyles.

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