How To Keep Baby Away from Dog Water – 10 Tricks

You have never imagined that you have to make your own house baby-proofed, right? 

Well, we can not even imagine it. 

What happens if your naughty baby often comes across the dog food and water bowl? Is buying a waterproofing bowl a good decision? We think it is an option but there are so many out there on how to keep baby away from dog water. 

No worries, we will let you know every way from a dog bowl full of water as well to a dog food bowl with food.

What can I do when my baby is drinking from a dog water bowl?

Well, to be true enough, Your baby will get sick for sure if it drinks water from a dog bowl. Many physicians have claimed it as well. Consequently, your baby will suffer from gastrointestinal distress.

On the other hand, we will comply with one fact that the dog water bowl is full of bacteria. Here is why it is not a pleasure to drink from it. Various contaminated objects come and go across the dog’s water bowl. Noticeably, if the dog itself swallowed its food then it would be harmful too.

Baby proof dog food and water bowls

Why should you baby proofing your dog bowls?

You need to feed and drink your dog. The bowl would be full of food or water and could be both. You put that dog bowl which is easy to reach for your baby. Therefore, you should think about ways to get rid of it. 

By the way, the bowl of food and the bowl of water both would bring different health hazards. Baby proof dog food and water bowls would be one of the major threat for your baby health.

Food Bowl: The food bowl for a dog is comparatively smaller than a water bowl. So, the small bowl would be hard to eat up for your baby. 

On the other hand, the baby may eat those kibbles from the bowl. Thankfully, those fresh kibbles won’t harm that much. However, worse, it may cause a tummy ache. 

By the way, let’s not forget to tell you the larger kibble is not welcoming. Those may cause choking for the baby once he will start to eat them. 

Interestingly, the full food of the dow’s bowl is less harmful compared to the empty one! 

From the IDF, they found out from a research that, once the food of a dog’s bowl is finished then it becomes the 4th germiest thing. 

Well, it is because of the saliva and it becomes available after the dog feeding. Moreover, it allows the bacteria to come in and join a team of the army. Therefore, you should often clean the bowl. 

So how does a baby become sick? Well, it is by licking the bowl or by sucking. So you should always keep your eye on your baby not to hover around the bowl.

Water Bowls: Babies love water, huh? Yup, so they want more splash around the home. Your toddler won’t care about the mess. Before buying a waterproof bowl don’t make the bowl full of water. Two inches of water would be enough!

But the best way is to use a waterproof dog bowl. Be careful of your baby drowning in the bowl as well. 

How to keep your baby away from the Dog water? 10 tricks

What do you think your baby loves to stick around the dog food? Ok, then we are going to tell you about 10 Tricks to keep your baby away from the Dog water. Its all about your baby safety.

How to keep baby away from dog water

1. Be watchful: Feed your dog at the same time be watchful so that your baby won’t come nearby during the feeding. Here you will need to guide your little lad not to come. You can also make him understand that it would be dangerous for him. 

However, it is not an easy thing to deal with all the babies, we know. But still, you can train any little guy, all you need to do is to be patient and positive. 

In this course of action, your baby may remain stubborn, but if you take it many times then in the long run, you will succeed. 

2. Keep distance from the dog bowl: Dogs and your babies are close to your heart. But you must keep a safe space for each other. So that your baby doesn’t get infected. Because none can do the right work based on intelligence. That’s why you will have to keep your dog’s feeding room isolated from your baby. So that it can’t reach the dog bowl.

Create a separate room with a door for feeding your dog. Needless to say, a custom baby gate is useful to keep the baby restricted. So that the little one can’t get the touch of the bowl. 

Little despair to bear is to open and close the dog door when it’s hungry.

If your dog is small, you can use a built-in doggy door with a baby gate. Interestingly, the dog can pass but the toddler will get blocked at the gate. Though the pet door is designed for cats, you can keep going with it.

3. Purchase a baby-safe bowl: A no-spill bowl is designed to avoid the extra use of water while drinking by a dog. This is also useful to keep your baby safe.

The bowl has a floating plate to protect the pet water from dust, dirt, and debris. Additionally, even if the baby flips the bowl, it won’t spill any drop of water. More importantly, when the dog will drink, no water splash will be seen outside of the bowl. Because the bowl holds ideal water for your pet.

In the end, your baby is safe along with your pet.

4. Have a baby-safe food bowl: Traditional food bowls lack safety for children. With the time being, Manufacturers invented such a bowl that will be automatically controlled.

You just need to attach a tag around the dog neck and the bowl. When the dog approaches, the bowl will take the signal from the tag and open the lid. As the dog leaves the area, the bowl will close the lid.

Interestingly, the baby has no tag, and it will not open the lid, no hassle.

Thus, you can protect your baby.

5. Alter the dog’s feeding schedule: Babies don’t want to concentrate on the other objects when they are busy playing, eating, or making a mess. That time, you can feed your dog. So that your toddler doesn’t get a chance to meet the feeding-dog moment.

To keep in mind, You will have to remove the bowl before the baby’s retirement. You will have to keep the dog’s feeding out of the baby’s sight at any cost.

6. Feed the dog the whole day: Now if you let your dog free to eat when it wants, it might be risky and messy. Because it will graze and eat randomly. And your baby is at risk point to get in touch.

On the other hand, shifting to a one-time meal is also challenging for the dog. So the better solution is to keep feeding the whole day with caution. Like what? Ok, come.

Let your dog finish the meal and keep it on the high table so that the baby can’t get there. Now the boring part is that you will have to multiple times. But for the safety of your baby, you should do this. You can set an alarm for that. Hopefully, that will reduce your tension.

7. Keep your baby busy: We know our babies demand something at an odd time. You can use that chance to distract your baby while feeding the dog.

When the little magician wants to share food, distract it with their favorite toys, books, or anything they wanted. They will be distracted and busy.

By that time, your dog is ready to wipe its mouth.

8. Keep your dog feeder high: Well, this might be a feasible solution depending on the height of the dog and the baby. If your dog is tall and the baby is learning to crawl then you can choose this way.

Keep the feeder 12 inches above the ground. So that the toddler can’t reach the bowl. As soon as the baby gets able to touch the bowl, sadly, this solution won’t be mighty.

9. Feed when your baby sleeps: Woah! This might be a handy solution for you. You are completely safe at this point. When the baby sleeps, feed your dog.

Now it can be a question that if the baby doesn’t sleep in the day? or if the baby sleeps once a day?

well, your baby will sleep once a day, for sure. That time will be perfect. But when it will wake up, then the other time can be when they are busy making a mess with food. You, as a parent, will have to pass through a tough time. Make it your way like the proverb “If there is a will, there is a way”.

10. Final Solution: Now the last but not the least solution is to be active and vigilant. This is the ultimate way to keep your little one away from the dog. They may want to get together but you will have to keep your eyes awake like a border guard army. 

But if you are careless, then no super cool solution can do anything to protect your baby. You must give a frequent check. Because both are wordless.


Babies are in-born curious. New things make them discover the science of it. Sadly, they don’t care about the outcome. This is natural. Moreover, the sense of right or wrong is absent in them. So you can expect a mess which they take as a play.

At that time, you will have to be more active than usual. Your cautiousness can save your baby from dangerous diseases. If you don’t want to see your baby unhappy, be an active parent. And sacrifice your happiness for your baby. Happy parenting!

Sarah, a health writer and editor since 2014, is an adoring wife and dedicated mother to 2 daughters and 1 son. As the creator of Babies Plannet, she combines her extensive expertise with her maternal dedication to provide essential care and safety advice for infants, nurturing their well-being and happiness. Her writing explores topics like fitness, pregnancy, and women's healthy lifestyles.

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