How To Put Baby Mirror in Car Without Headrest?

Do you have a baby which is an infant or some months old? And you know, that how necessary it is to have items for your babies in the back seat if you do. You can have pillows, soft toys, headrests, etc., but have you ever had a baby mirror?

It is fantastic to monitor the babies on the back seat like you see in the back of vehicles with car mirrors. However, you should know how to put baby mirror in car without headrest and its uses, purposes, proper utilization, etc.

You can have the stepwise guidelines shown about baby car mirror no headrest; let’s not waste time and start knowing about it.


What Is A Baby Mirror?

You already know about a baby monitor which you can use to look after your baby when you are not at the home or away from them. Like that, a baby mirror also helps you watch over small kids in the back seat while you’re driving a car.

The baby mirror should be set in such a position that the driving person can set eyes on that mirror and properly watch the whole backside.

Moreover, it will be easier for the person to drive and check because he doesn’t need to move his head or turn to see.

How to Put a Baby Mirror in a Car without Headrest?

As mentioned before, you can set up a baby mirror with and without a headrest, and the choice is yours. But if you want to know the method of putting it on without a headrest, you should know the steps of doing it. Otherwise, you may not properly do that, but you can take an expert’s help if you want. Before that, you also come to know where you can put it. 

Is It Necessary to Have a Headrest with a Baby Mirror?

Do you already know what a headrest is? You must know that people sometimes bring it and attach it with a baby seat if you do. The reason is to keep the baby protected in one place and monitor them through the looking glass.

But when you’re up to setting up a baby mirror in front of your seats, you don’t need a headrest to lock your kid! 

This is because you can watch the whole area of the back seat. Anyway, it’s not mandatory, but you may still choose a headrest for setting up.

Where to install a baby mirror in a car

To install the baby mirror in your car correctly,

first, you should know where to put a baby mirror in a car.

That’s why, in this section, I am going to make it more clear to you. 

Usually, the baby mirror is placed on the backseat of the car.

Where to install a baby mirror in a car
See your kid, where he loves to sit, huh?

So, go to the backseat of your vehicle and observe your kid.

You have to angle the mirror down so you can easily see what your baby is doing. 

For the best, you can pick any toys and place them where you want to sit your baby.

Now, look at the mirror and the toys, if the toy faces the mirror, it is in the correct position. The most straightforward way to set the mirror is the car headrest if you have any.

Make sure you put the mirror attached with the help of a clip.
Make sure you put the mirror attached with the help of a clip.

You can adjust it tighter or less tight as you like. If you want to face the mirror downward, you can loosen the mirror. Now, you can take care of your baby correctly from the front seat. But people with no headrest can ask where to put the baby mirror. In this case, all you need to do is find out the long and bendable parts of the mirror. 

Now bend the part as much as you can. At this time, wrap the bent part around the backseat. And, it really can be placed so nicely. 

A father show how does he wrap the baby car seat
Make sure the straps are attached well

Another mirror part is Velcro, and you can stick it with the bent part. Once you stick it properly, it will stay in the right place.

Just be sure it gripped very well with the backseat. And now you will get a clear view from the front seat of your car

How To Put Baby Mirror In Car Without Headrest
How To Put Baby Mirror In Car Without Headrest

Afterward, lets follow the stepwise guideline with the tools check-list

  • First of all, you need a baby mirror, which you will have to place
  • You need some screwdrivers next because they are also necessary tools.
  • Don’t forget about the straps and screws
  • Well, last but not the least, you will need a clamp.

Once you have gathered these essential items, you are good to start your baby mirror installation inside your car.

How to install mirror for rear facing car seat

step by step process on putting baby mirror on a car headrest
Steps on setting up the baby mirror

Step 1: Putting the Mirror in the Correct Position 

You will find the correct spot where you want to place the baby mirror, and it’s mandatory to have the mirror in the correct position. 

Please ensure that the mirror can have reflections from all over the back seat, and you don’t have to position it again.

Step 2: Get the Straps Attached

The car’s front and the mirror both have straps for connectivity; that’s why you have to hold the car’s strap at first. 

Once you have positioned the mirror, it’s time to get the strap near the mirror one. You may think that attaching both straps tightly is nearly impossible, but there comes the strap grip. 

Step 3: Insert the Rest of the Strips

Once you have done the temporary thing by getting the elastic strips, you have to use the clamp to make the mirror attached to the car well. 

You have to attach the clamp and insert the rest of the strips so that the car can hold the strips. 

Step 4: Check the Mirror’s Attachment 

Once you have clamped the things, you must check if the angle is okay and see the full back seat sitting in the driving position. You also have to check if the mirror is too tight or loose. 

Loose attachment may cause a sudden accident, such as the mirror can fall anytime all of a sudden. On the other hand, an excessively tight attached mirror can cause damage. 

Step 5: Set the Stand

The stand is the thing that can hold the baby mirror and keep the balance; you will need the screwdriver to fix the things and make the mirror more stable.

It is pretty easy to put up a baby mirror inside a car, and it won’t take more than a few minutes. Moreover, if you check some video tutorials, things will be easier to understand.

What Benefits You Can Have from a Baby Mirror?

You should now know what benefits you can have after setting a baby mirror inside a car because you won’t buy anything if it’s of no use. Let’s see how a baby mirror can make your life easier.

Reduce Your Anxiety Moreover, when the baby is in the back seat, you may feel anxious about his safety as you can’t watch which condition he is in. 

But once you fit a baby mirror in your car, you can easily take a look whenever you want, and thus, it will reduce your anxiety. 

Prevent any Interruption in Your Driving 

Well, it is a hassle when you have to look at the backside to check on your baby repeatedly, and this also interrupts your driving or diverts your concentration. 

It’s not suitable for driving people because you need to concentrate on the road to avoid any serious accident. Keep Your Baby Safe

A father monitoring his kid without a baby mirror, seems tough

If you keep monitoring your child with a baby monitor, you can take the necessary actions in time and keep him safe.

For example, you saw that your kid is about to fall, and he needs you. 

You can stop the car, turn around, and quickly save the baby from falling; this is the most regular reason for having a baby monitor in a car.

Entertain and Interact with Your Baby

If you attach a baby mirror inside, you can make eye contact and interact with your baby no matter how old it is. Thus, your child won’t feel lonely and get scared of anything. 

Moreover, you can also entertain your baby in many innovative ways and connect with them besides making sure that they are not afraid or bored. Thus, a baby mirror can be helpful.

Keeps You Up to Date on the Baby’s Action 

You can constantly monitor what your child is doing in the back seat anytime you want. You can also alert yourself and the kids about their actions if they are in a risky position. 

Now you will never think of a baby mirror installation in a car as a waste of money because it’s necessary for people who have to take small kids with themselves.


Putting a baby mirror in a car is suitable for people who frequently tour with their kids because it’s unsafe to put them in the front seat. 

Moreover, it’s against the driving rules to watch your back while driving. Headrests can be uncomfortable for some children, and that’s why it’s necessary to know how to put a baby mirror in a car without a headrest.

Please ensure that your car is large enough and has some safety measures inside that can cope with the baby mirror.

Sarah, a health writer and editor since 2014, is an adoring wife and dedicated mother to 2 daughters and 1 son. As the creator of Babies Plannet, she combines her extensive expertise with her maternal dedication to provide essential care and safety advice for infants, nurturing their well-being and happiness. Her writing explores topics like fitness, pregnancy, and women's healthy lifestyles.

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