Twin Baby Shower Idea – 20 Uncommon and Creative Ideas

Families organize baby showers to share their joy with their loved ones. You must break this news to your close ones with the perfect twin baby shower ideas at the perfect time. 

Different ideas and themes are available to express such joys, but make sure to complete this event between the 25th and 30th weeks. After this time, performing such events are not recommended by OB-GYN.

20 best twin baby shower ideas for you?

It seems amazing when you come to know you are expecting two babies at a time after 4 or 5 weeks of twin pregnancy test.

The best time to show off twin babies is at the last stage of a mother’s 2nd trimester.

So plan it between 26 and 28 weeks of the baby’s life.

From the 30th week, the mother’s 3rd trimester to the final the baby remain very active at 35 weeks. At that time, a mother needs complete bed rest, so it is recommended not to do it.

The best twin baby shower ideas for boy and girl babies are described below.

Twin baby shower theme ideas

Let’s check out some Twin baby shower theme ideas.

A pair of cow-shaped items

This idea is ideal for farming families. However, a regular family can also use it. For this, you can use cow-shaped chocolate, a balloon, or a pillow. When you use two of these items, you can have different colors. You can choose red for the boy and blue or pink for the girl.

Mickey and Minnie from Disneyland

Who doesn’t know this duo from Disneyland? They are cute and a fantastic way to show you a twin baby. Their balloons and chocolate are available everywhere. You can also choose a Mickey And Minnie mouse printed bed sheet and pillow. It is a popular baby shower for twins. 

Two baby elephants are sitting on a table

Baby elephants are always used for showing healthy children. You can use a pair of elephant-shaped items. Try different colors for boys and girls. You can also use elephant-printed cakes or photo frames for this purpose. 

Two different colored bear toys

Cute little bear shapes can be themed to show off your twin babies. You can use bear-shaped pillows or chocolates for this reason. Bear-shaped stuffed toys are also a good way to show off your upcoming cute twins.

A nest with two birds

Baby and bird are cute. Use birds as twin babies’ resemblance. You can use bird-shaped stuffed toys as well. Decorate your table with different colored eggs and put those two stuffed bird toys in the middle of it. You can also use a beautiful bird cage for this purpose.

A prince and princess

Newborn babies are the prince and princes of your kingdom. Decorate your house like a royal palace with prince and princess strikers. Use a cake with crown-shaped candies and put numerous candies beside it to make it more beautiful.

Twin baby shower food ideas

Now let’s see some Twin baby shower food ideas.

Two tacos with different flavors

Tacos are Mexican cuisine. Try it to show your baby twins. Use two different flavors for two tacos. Spicy tacos with red salsa can work for baby boys and sweet tacos with orange salsa for baby girls.

Mermaid and shark-printed cake

Do you remember the cartoon named “Zig & Sharko” where Sharko is a boy shark and Marina is a cute mermaid? Sharko always protects Marina in this series. Choose a shark and mermaid printed cake to show off your twin babies.

A cone of ice cream with two scoops of cream

Every pregnant woman likes to eat ice cream. And cone-shaped ice cream is their favorite one. So why not use a cone-shaped ice cream with two scoops to show off twin babies? Pick a blue color for the boy and a pink color for the girl to make them more beautiful.

Two baby-shaped chocolates

Use chocolate to show off your twin babies. Try two baby-shaped chocolates for this purpose. Ask any bakery to make baby-shaped chocolate for you.

Two buns with different ingredients

Baking buns are also a way to show off newborn children. Add different ingredients for versatility. Use a freshly baked bun with chocolate for the baby girl and with nuts for the baby boy. Also, make sure to use the flour, wheat, and sugar bags to decorate the table.

Baby-shaped coffee bean packets

For coffee-loving parents, this theme is perfect to use. A bowl of chocolates filled with espresso beans can be used to decorate the table. Put different colored biscuits on the side of the chocolates.

Easy twin baby shower ideas

You can also do some Easy twin baby shower ideas.

T, W, I, N, 1, T, W, I, N, 2, written on hanged handkerchiefs

Use this alphabet on 10 handkerchiefs to show off. Get white handkerchiefs with a red border for this purpose. Try blue for a boy baby and pink for a girl baby to make them more attractive.

Two twinkling stars.

Babies are the stars of parents’ lives. So showing them off twins with a pair of stars is a cute idea. Use star-printed cakes or star-shaped candles for this purpose. Have different colors for your baby boy and girl. 

T, H, I, N, G, 1, T, H, I, N, G, 2, written on hanged handkerchiefs

Print these alphabets on 12 handkerchiefs. Use white handkerchiefs with a red border for this purpose. Try blue for a boy baby and pink for a girl baby to make them more attractive. Use yarn to attach them to the wall.

Two different colored tea cups

Tea parties are always a way to express your lifestyle. So choose this theme to show off your baby twins. Use two tea cups of different colors(red and violet or blue and pink) for this purpose.

Some extra best twin baby shower ideas

We have some extra best twin baby shower ideas.

A tree with two flowers

You can show your twin baby with a nature-made theme, like using a small tree with two flowers. Decorate a table with different colored flowers and put the bonsai tree in the middle to show that the twins are the center of your life.

Two peas in a pod twin baby shower ideas

This is a gender-neutral baby shower idea, but you can use it for both boy and girl babies. To make it more attractive, use a green-colored item such as a tree or green-colored candies. You can use a bowl as a pond, but make sure to choose one with flowers printed on it. Use leaves to decorate the bowl.

A picture with cute twin items

Use pictures of cute items like chocolate, flowers, cakes, candles, and birds to show off your twin babies. But while choosing a picture, make sure to have two of the same type of items in it to show everyone that you are having twin babies.

Life with a girl and a baby boy is filled with joy

A classic poem can also be a way to show off your twin babies. Use a white shade and write this poem in blue and pink. Different items like goodies, bags, and cupcakes can also be used for decoration. Use chocolates and flowers to make the shade more beautiful.


Showing off your babies is a way to express your joy with your relatives, neighbors, and close ones. But arranging a twins baby program is somehow tough.

Choose twin baby shower ideas that are practical and beautiful. Different animals can resemble innocent babies. You can choose animal stuff or natural items like flowers or leaves. 

The sweetness of candy or cakes resembles a baby’s purity. Choose a theme based on the type of twin you are expecting and celebrate with your loved ones.

Sarah, a health writer and editor since 2014, is an adoring wife and dedicated mother to 2 daughters and 1 son. As the creator of Babies Plannet, she combines her extensive expertise with her maternal dedication to provide essential care and safety advice for infants, nurturing their well-being and happiness. Her writing explores topics like fitness, pregnancy, and women's healthy lifestyles.

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