Dream of Positive Pregnancy Test: Meaning of Your Dream

Dream of positive pregnancy test doesn’t always a happy dream. However, it sounds soothing to any mother.

The bad part would be: pregnancy dream would be scary or awful. The science behind of it is to the sudden increase of hCG hormones level.

It drives our mind crazy! Also interrupt in our dream.

A Journal published and claimed it is a kind of patient psychological state to dreaming about pregnancy.

What does it mean about dream of positive pregnancy test dream?

When it begins the ttc journey from 5 dpo to 9 dpo it is possible to dream of positive pregnancy tests which are the sign of positive pregnancy test result.

Here is a story of positive pregnancy test dream:

Interestingly a mother remember her dream just because of she wakes up in the middle of the dreaming Journey what I can say to you about the dreaming of it’s like something scary fearful and sometimes the dream would be like the mother is soaring higher on the sky happily.

On the other hand, she sometimes struggles to fly.

Dreams about their pregnancy or baby occurred frequently in pregnant women and could be a neglected source of information about the psychological state of the patient.

Blake RL Jr, Reimann J. The pregnancy-related dreams of pregnant women. J Am Board Fam Pract. 1993 Mar-Apr;6(2):117-22. PMID: 8452063.

I can remember, My friend LIA who was in Mexico and I was in NY.

Both of us had our 2nd baby in the same timeline of TTC.

She saw a scary big snake and I saw I was going to face miscarriage.

  • What do pregnancy dreams mean
    • I had a dream of a positive pregnancy test, am I pregnant?
    • Dreaming of being pregnant, is that normal or not?
    • Why did I dream of a positive pregnancy test?
  • What is the meaning of a negative pregnancy test dream?
  • Are pregnancy dreams common?
  • What to do if you had a dream of a positive pregnancy test frequently?
  • Final words

Positive pregnancy test dream spiritual meaning.

A positive pregnancy dream is not a dream of fear.

You can see a positive pregnancy test dream if you are not expecting to be pregnant as well as experience vivid dreams for some days. 

Firstly, a positive pregnancy test dream means good luck.

Secondly, it suggests your personal growth and inner child development.

Finally, dreaming of a positive pregnancy test can be a symbol of a new beginning of your life.

Dreaming of a positive pregnancy test dream is a great dream for a woman. 

In some ancient dream dictionaries, you can find some more meaning of it.

In this case, these dreams indicate that it is time for a change in your life.

Perhaps, if you are trying to avoid some serious issues from your life to avoid your own anxiety, you will dream like this.

When you are trying to move in a different direction or changing your career thoughts as well as beginning with a new relationship, these dreams happen to you.

I had a dream of a positive pregnancy test, am I pregnant?

In all women’s lives, pregnancy is one of the most important things. So, pregnancy-related dreams are also an important part of her. In this regard, if you had a dream of a positive pregnancy test it creates some questions in your mind.

In general, there are two different kinds of  meaning in this dream

  1. If you are expecting a pregnancy, this dream indicates a positive sign for you. It means you are pregnant or you will be pregnant very soon.
  2. If you are not expecting any pregnancy, this dream indicates to you to make some new changes in your life direction.

Others signs of positive pregnancy dreaming according to aap.org:

  • Vivid dreams
  • Nightmares
  • Anxiety based dreams
  • More intense dreams
  • Ability to remember dreams more clearly
  • More frequent dreaming

You may go and read more about pregnancy dream.

Why did I dream of a positive pregnancy test?

Every positive pregnancy dream is a kind of psychological situations that a women is facing from first trimester to the last trimester and such dream may occur at any time during the pregnancy or the TTC Journey.  

When dreaming the positive pregnancy test yes it’s about the early pregnancy test timeline when the HCG secretion starts.

Moreover, the hCG secrets more than average and so a mother feels somewhat abnormal and that turns out like postpartum at the end. The whole TTC journey is going through like roller coaster ride.

  1. Maybe you are willing to be pregnant or you have a powerful need to have a baby.
  2. This is a major sign of your subconscious mind that you are ready for motherhood.
  3. You are afraid about pregnancy after spending personal time with your partner.
  4. A new beginning of your life is on the way, but you are anxious about it.
  5. You are trying to avoid something that is stressful for you.
  6. You are pregnant for some days.
  7. Fertility issues in your life.
  8. You are trying to do something productive in your life.
  9. To leave something old from your life.
  10. Starting to think of a new relationship with someone.
  11. You are testing your pregnancy for several days and can not find the expected result.

What is the meaning of a negative pregnancy test dream?

Besides, positive pregnancy test dreams, you may have some negative pregnancy test dreams too. This dream could have some different meaning.

A negative pregnancy test dream indicates you to be more conscious about your life. It gives you a negative feeling as well as some negative effect on your inner growth. But all you need to do is not panic and be careful in the next steps of your life. Moreover, you should stay strong in your mind and stay focused on the sensitive issues around you.

Although a negative pregnancy dream means that you are losing something valuable in your life, it is not necessary to believe that it must happen to you.

Are pregnancy dreams common?

If you know that the pregnancy dreams are common in adults, it will free your anxiety from it. As a woman, you have a motherhood mindset in your by-born. So, for an adult girl or woman, these dreams are common and you don’t have to worry about it.

If you are seeing dreams of pregnancy frequently, you can do some simple steps to relieve your anxiety about it.

  1. Write down your dream after sleeping for more specific information.
  2. Talk to other friends or family members about your dreams. However, you should be careful about the people you share with. Therefore, you have to talk with your well-wishers who always think positively of you.
  3. Find out the meaning, in a popular and granted dream dictionary.
  4. If you are more anxious, talk with a physiatrist.

What to do if you had a dream of a positive pregnancy test frequently?

Dreaming of being pregnant is a positive one. Moreover, these dreams have some significant importance too. Furthermore, after frequently watching or watching one or more times, you need to pay attention to some changes on your side.

  1. First of all, you need to pay attention to your feminine side. Most probably, you are keeping your distance from taking care of your feminine side for a long time.
  2. If there are some new changes that are going to happen in your life, be prepared for them.
  3. As a positive pregnancy test dream means good luck, so you should remove your anxiety about it.
  4. You should stop thinking about irrelevant things. In this regard, you are overthinking about irrelevant things that you should remove from yourself.
  5. Setting unrealistic targets in your life can cause this kind of dream. So, this is the right time to stop setting unrealistic targets form your life.
  6. Focus on your potential thoughts that can make a change of direction in your life.

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Final words

A dream is a method of talking from the almighty with you. For this reason, dreams play a vital role in our life. Above all, a positive pregnancy test dream is a good dream and it has a positive impact on your life. So, we can say that, there is no matter of anxiety to have dreams of a positive pregnancy test. Thank you.

Sarah, a health writer and editor since 2014, is an adoring wife and dedicated mother to 2 daughters and 1 son. As the creator of Babies Plannet, she combines her extensive expertise with her maternal dedication to provide essential care and safety advice for infants, nurturing their well-being and happiness. Her writing explores topics like fitness, pregnancy, and women's healthy lifestyles.

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