9 DPO Pregnancy Test Progression?

9 DPO pregnancy test progression shows up as positive when the first line on pregnancy test darker than second line.

Every mother expect it to see!

Here is why, every mother starts counting their dpo and try to find out pregnancy progression with good result. 9 dpo test for pregnancy positive result is just a single dot out of 1 dpo to 28 dpo.

But many of them don’t know why implantation comes to happen, how the ovulation process or cycle goes around, and more importantly why hCG secrets and why it tells true and lie both!

Big confusion!

Keep it in your mind above those factors altogether convey the clear sign of 9 dpo pregnancy progression.

I will explain it to the rest of my article, keep in touch with me!

Pregnancy test progression at 9DPO

Pregnancy test progression is not only happen during 9 dpo but also, the whole ovulation timeline is the progression period.

In short, the more days will be passing across the ovulation process , the more growth will be seen of the little baby (in medical term-fetus).

So lets figure out there are 3 factors which are interrelated and to know your pregnancy better, you must know them, indeed!

  1. Cervical Mucus during Ovulation (DPO)
  2. Implantation process in the uterus for the fertilization of egg (normal & heavy)
  3. hCG or hormone secretions (hCG keeps rising day by day)

What to expect 9dpo pregnancy test positive?

9 dpo positive pregnancy test comes out when the implantation bleeding occurs before BFP.

Secondly, the implantation bleeding occurs to 25% women in the USA, according to the National Institution of Health USA.

Implantation is a sign that leads to the baby fetal development. and so on the healthy eggs are fertilizing in the uterus. However, make sure it is not a sign of ectopic pregnancy or other symptoms like Yeast infection late period negative pregnancy test.

According to National Library of Medicine, the hCG level is increasing rapidly which is up to 49%.

Lets come back to the main point! how do you define it.

Pregnancy has a direct relation with the hCG or hormone counts and Ovulation process after implanting the fetus into the uterus. During the implantation process the high or low bleeding might occur as an early sign of pregnancy.

fetus to embryo development picture week by week

Implantation occurs so the hCG will secrete. Here, the hCG is nothing but hormones and they are estrogen and progesterone. hCG secretion level may seem high, medium, and even low and it doesn’t determine you are pregnant or not.

There are so many factors! This is why most mothers become worried do they really pregnant just because of implantation bleeding? The bleeding might lead to the ectopic pregnancy and many other symptoms

But hCG level matters to determine the 9dpo pregnancy progression, if it shows up by home pregnancy test with urine.

No matter, your hCG count is high or low, you may become pregnant or you may not at all.

As a result, those show up as high hCG and in 9 days past ovulation timeline, it shows up in the pregnancy test kit. By the way, the heavy flow of blood has many others symptoms too apart from pregnancy.

Most mothers here want to make it confirm when the dark hCG pops up on the test line especially, when they are trying to conceive. It is always an exciting time for you as well. So, they take test almost every no matter, they will get faint line on test kits.

The new parents are always excited about the pregnancy tests. So, they try to confirm the result as soon as possible. 9 DPO pregnancy test success ratio is greater than compared to the previous days past ovulation. However, it is not absolute that you must get BFP at 9 dpo.

Can u get a positive pregnancy test at 9 dpo

For most of the women, taking a pregnancy test at 9 DPO is too early to get a positive result. To take a pregnancy test, you need to wait until the first day of your missed period. Although many home pregnancy tests claim positive pregnancy tests, they are not always accurate.

9 dpo pregnancy progression test
9 dpo positive pregnancy test

Progression of pregnancy starts from 8 dpo to 10 days past ovulation, according to a 1999 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine. So, 9 dpo progression is the early part of OPK progression to BFP.

In this stage, you may find a very faint line in the pregnancy test. But, in most cases, women find the pregnancy test negative. The higher level of hCG starts to be detected from 11 days past ovulation, according to a 2008 study published in Human Reproduction.

HCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) is the pregnancy detecting hormone. It is a robust hormone that can be detectable in female serum and urine. When this hormone can be measured at a higher rate, the positive pregnancy result comes.

The progressions of 9dpo are lower in most cases in this stage. Due to the lower rate of hCG hormone measurement, this happens. If you take the pregnancy test and find a faint line with a control line, it means that the implantation has occurred and you are in the early stage of pregnancy.

 faint line with a control line clear blue picture
Faint lines picture

In this regard, you may take the test again after a few days or weeks later. Now you will find the test line darker than the control line. It means your pregnancy is progressing. It’s time to congratulate you!

9 dpo symptoms ending in bfp

To check or confirm the pregnancy progression, you don’t need to panic if you take the test after 9 DPO.

according to the New England Journal of Medicine

Most cases, taking a test after 9 DPO gives you a false negative result. If you are truly pregnant, you are likely to get a BFP (big fat positive). This mostly happens after 12 DPO,

Thus, you should take your test after 12 DPO for a solid result. Otherwise, you can find out a negative pregnancy test result after 9 days past ovulation.

Nausea at 9 dpo

If you are expecting nausea at 9 DPO, but there is no symptom of it. You don’t need to be worried. Most women don’t experience nausea but morning sickness or nausea tend to be common symptoms during your first trimester. In this case, if you experience some nausea in the morning during your 9 days past ovulation, congratulations! You are not alone.

9 DPO Cramping

Cramps are one of the common early pregnancy symptoms. 9 DPO cramping is not an expecting symptom. If these implantation cramps happen, it will be very mild. This must cause by implantation for the egg burrowing itself into your uterus. This implantation can cause spotting which is called implantation bleeding.

Other 9dpo pregnancy progression symptoms

Including nausea and implantation cramping, some other symptoms at 9 DPO you can notice.

·         Weakness or Fatigue

·         Backache

·         Headache

·         Constipation

·         Mushy Nipple or Breasts

·         Bloating

Note: The ovulation pain is a different story. Ovulation pain occurs 14 days before your period.

Can u get a positive pregnancy test at 9 dpo?

OPK is always getting darker before bfp so the more dpo will be passing the more possibility you will have to get positive result. It starts from 5 dpo (minor chances to get pregnant) so yes, you can get a positive pregnancy test at 9 dpo too.

9 DPO pregnancy test picture

9 dpo OPK

For example, taking the test after 12 DPO will ensure the most accurate result. For identifying the positive pregnancy this is the best time during pregnancy. Interestingly, some mothers don’t even get positive result at even 20 DPO however, they are pregnant. Because urine test may not detect the low hCG level whereas blood test is absolute testing method.

Can you get a positive at 9dpo

Yes, you can get a positive pregnancy test result at 9dpo but it depends on the hCG secretion level. If implantation occurs during 9 dpo then the hCG shows up in the test result as the placenta is developing. However, it may be the sign of ectopic pregnancy that means 9 dpo BFN or negative test result.


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Sarah, a health writer and editor since 2014, is an adoring wife and dedicated mother to 2 daughters and 1 son. As the creator of Babies Plannet, she combines her extensive expertise with her maternal dedication to provide essential care and safety advice for infants, nurturing their well-being and happiness. Her writing explores topics like fitness, pregnancy, and women's healthy lifestyles.

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