What Things You Have To Know About 5w5d Ultrasound?

Ultrasound is a common medical diagnosis for pregnant women. 5w5d ultrasound shows the phenomenon of developing a baby inside the womb using sound waves. Also, it detects the change of organs, tissues, and women’s pelvic organs while pregnant.

Anyway, an ultrasound is helpful every month for the betterment of the mother and her baby. It shows the movement of the baby with the use of a sonographer. but what things you have to know about 5w5d Ultrasound?

5w5d ultrasound picture
5w5d ultrasound picture

Great to know that, 5w5d ultrasound creates even more satisfactory baby images at the 5th week. It shows a better skin tone and depth facial view through lighting if you use 5D.

Also, remember the 5th week is crucial for pregnancy. You will be confirmed about your pregnancy at that time as you will miss your period for about seven days. 

After 5weeks and 5 to 7 days, your baby will start developing. Your baby’s nerve, backbone, brains, and spinal cords will spore out at this moment, and they will look like an orange and apple seed.

5w5d Ultrasound Pregnancy test

Some females may be scheduled for an early ultrasound scan during the first trimester to assess the cervix’s age. And you can see it on an ultrasound scan in the 5th week.

If you have had a miscarriage or tubal ectopic pregnancy in the past or became pregnant with IVF, your doctor will order an early ultrasound scan. Also, bleeding after the positive pregnancy may warrant an examination of the uterus.

However, if you try to listen to the baby’s heartbeat, you can do so anytime after ten weeks. If you want to determine the gender, you can do so anytime after the 16th week. 

What are the 5w5d pregnant Woman symptoms?

While every mother is different, the symptoms may vary during the 5w5d ultrasound. But find out some of the common symptoms.

5w5d Ultrasound symptoms or signs
symptoms or signs of five weeks of pregnancy

Lets talk about the symptoms of five weeks of pregnancy

Morning sickness 

Maximum women have morning sickness as early as the fifth week of pregnancy. Nausea and vomiting can occur in the dawn, evening, or day. 

For morning sickness, take plenty of fluids to avert dehydration and avoid oily, spicy, or greasy foods that can cause nausea. Taking snacks and small meals frequently can be helpful for some women.

Recurring urination 

An acute need to urinate can occur anytime, especially when the kidneys begin to process more fluid due to the increased blood in the body. Though this symptom is annoying, it may be completely normal.

Delicate breasts 

About five weeks after pregnancy, a surge in hormones can cause breast pain as it extends and grows for breastfeeding.

Minor bleeding or blemishes 

A few spots can be seen in the fifth week of pregnancy. It is just bleeding from the implant, but it is best to inform your doctor to work out the complications. When the bleeding increases and the stain lasts for more than two days, visit your doctor immediately.

Frequent mood swing

Mood swing is typical during pregnancy, and some females experience PMS (premenstrual syndrome) at their worst. That will help you find ways to divert yourself when an icky mood impedes your daily routine. For example, you can have a walk or listen to music.


Hormonal changes can cause acne associated with the pregnancy. Remember that this is just an unpleasant thing you are experiencing. Take appropriate measures to control it as soon as your baby is born.


Increasing progesterone levels in your body can make you more fatigued than usual. Avoid caffeine, and exercise before bed may let you sleep much better. Endeavor a consistent daily routine, but don’t overdo it either. 

Moreover, it is essential to maintain a healthy ratio between rest time and daily activities. Remember not to feel remorseful about taking the time to take a nap when required.

Mild symptoms or nothing 

Feeling normal at the 5-week pregnancy or facing mild symptoms is not extraordinary. The appearance of your belly may be unchanged or may look bloated. Feel free to consult your doctor if you face severe symptoms or absence of any sign is uncommon for you.

What does an ultrasound at 5w5d look like?

A picture of 5w5d ultrasound report
A picture of 5w5d ultrasound report

During the 5th week of pregnancy, a sonographer may see the baby through an ultrasound scan as a small white image hidden in a gestational sac. You will probably only see the gestational sac and yolk sac at this point. 

The sonographer may show the fetus, a small curly white object at this stage. The gestational sac enlarges by about 1.13 mm each day and ranges from 2-3 mm. However, the embryo will look like a coiled tube, and you will no longer see the ball shape.

Pubmed said:

When the fetal pole was in the longitudinal position, the distance between the fetal pole and the yolk sac was measured in millimeters (mm).

Kurban Y, Uyar I, Alan M, Hacifazlioglu C. Fetal sex prediction measuring yolk sac size and yolk sac-fetal pole distance in the first trimester via ultrasound screening. J Ultrasound. 2021 Dec;24(4):489-492. doi: 10.1007/s40477-020-00516-0. Epub 2020 Nov 25. PMID: 33237452; PMCID: PMC8572229.

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When do they stop doing internal ultrasounds?

One end will be the head of your baby.

The other is your baby’s buttocks. A spinal cord forms between these two limbs, and by the fifth week, your baby’s back will have a series of bumps.

It is the beginning of your child’s central nervous system.

At this stage, the heart of the fetus begins to beat. Although your baby’s heart is just a tube here, it will have a left and right chamber next week.

Anyway, the heart beats at about 90 to 100 beats each minute in the early stage. 

When the fetus reaches eight weeks, the heartbeat increases to around 120 to 160 beats each minute. The unborn baby’s heart rate will remain in this range in the womb.

An ultrasound scan can often detect your heartbeat deep in the uterus safety during the ultrasonography. 


Are Ultrasounds Safe?

Generally, ultrasound is not proven so risky. FDA stated that ultrasound doesn’t harm the developing fetus. That’s because they do not utilize radiation or X-rays and are not associated with developmental or health issues. Anyway, non-medical exposure for the long term is unsafe, and some scientists are concerned that ultrasound energy may somehow affect your baby. However, it is essential to note that data lacks both directions.

What is the Size of the Embryo at 5 Weeks Pregnant?

The fetus is still tiny at the 5th week but proliferating! Imagine a small seed of orange or apple or rice grain. At this point, your toddler can be 0.05″ to 0.10″ in length, in the shape of a tiny toad. Take a look at your ultrasonography report to understand what makes the uterus a comfy home during pregnancy.

What food should I avoid in the 5th week of pregnancy?

Ideally, you should take whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins. Eat fats that are low in saturated fat (such as whole dairy products and red meat) and try to eat as little processed food as you can. Avoid raw or undercooked meat, seafood, unpasteurized cheese, milk, and juices. Follow the dietary supplements according FDA.

How do you tell if it’s twins at five weeks?

During the initial few weeks of pregnancy with twins, you may notice a few typical early pregnancy signs, like fatigue, breast tenderness, nausea, and missed periods. From 5-8 weeks, your twins develop spinal cords and brains. Moreover, you will get the heartbeat of the twins, and their organ is formed during that period.

Final Verdict:

Finally, we can say that 5w5d ultrasound is essential for pregnant women as many changes occur. The umbilical cord and placenta develop to carry oxygen and vital nutrients like folate, calcium, and different vitamins from the body to the fetus. 

If you are 5w5d pregnant, take a minimum of 400 micrograms of folate daily. It supports the healthy growth of your baby and reduces neural tube disease risk.

Sarah, a health writer and editor since 2014, is an adoring wife and dedicated mother to 2 daughters and 1 son. As the creator of Babies Plannet, she combines her extensive expertise with her maternal dedication to provide essential care and safety advice for infants, nurturing their well-being and happiness. Her writing explores topics like fitness, pregnancy, and women's healthy lifestyles.

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