How Many Baby Washcloths Do I Need?

How many baby washcloths do I need for my baby?

The numbers are not exact, right? Here are basically 3 key factors to know the number of baby washcloths

  • Age of the baby
  • Laundry frequency
  • The number of babies they are nursing

As your baby gets older, you deal with messier stuff and may need at least 10 to 12 washclothS alongside for wiping their face or cleaning them several times a day.

If you frequently do laundry then six washcloths is a good number for newborns

Remember, a thick and new washcloth is essential if you have a newborn or infant. They have sensitive skin which is prone to damage.

However, if you don’t have time for frequent laundry, then 10 washcloths are enough for them.

If you are using baby towel apart from it then you may need less. 2 washcloths for bath per day maximum and weekly 12 average.

If you ask mothers, they will give different answers, some will say 2-3 washcloths per day. While some mothers will say only 1/2 washcloths are enough.

You need additional wash clothes for additional cleaning. As the baby ages, they become messier and need washcloths for effective cleaning because of the frequent spills and spite-ups.

Maybe you have twins or triplets. You will need more washcloths for proper care.  Therefore, pick a number that is enough for the baby whether you bathe them three times a day or twice a day. It leaves you an extra for emergencies in case the others are wet or dirty.

However, you can always buy more, if you don’t have budget constraints. Some mothers have as many as seven washcloths for their babies.

Why do babies need washcloths?

How many baby washcloths do I need
How many baby washcloths do I need

Babies need washcloths because it seems the safer materials to protect the baby’s skin from skin ailments. Again, washcloths are more appropriate for their small body size. 

There are some good and useful reasons and timing when you can use it, and they are: 

Cleaning your baby comes with certain considerations. Even while new mothers worry about what shampoo or lotion to buy for the baby, you mustn’t ignore washcloths. 

Remember that washcloths are important when cleaning your baby.  Plus, they play a huge role in ensuring the baby is comfortable and safe.

Here are some ways to using baby washcloths

  • Mothers use washcloths to clean the baby’s scalp, sunscreen in eyes, nose, hands, and face. 

  • Baby during bath time. You need a thick and soft washcloth to make bath time easier for the baby. 

  • You may use it when you want to reduce baby fever at night.

  • Cleaning infants suffering from inflammation or other skin ailments like eczema, baby rash, or baby acne.  

  • They are effective in cleaning the baby’s tongue and sore gums to relieve teething problems.

  • cleaning the baby’s body using alternative to nappy or experiencing diaper rash.

Important Consideration:

Some parents need washcloths while their babies have fever and washcloth is pretty handy to put on the baby forehead. It really works when your baby in fever sleep in diaper, so instead of diaper you can use it am alternative nursing pads. 

How to use your baby washcloths? 

Soak your baby washcloth in lukewarm water then wash their face in the morning or evening after meals.  Washcloths keep the baby neat and clean.  

You can use one or two washcloths per day and use a fresh one every day.

Baby washcloths are excellent fabrics for cleaning the baby’s body if they have sensitive skin or are experiencing nappy or diaper rash. Plus, they are safer for the environment.  You can hand rinse them afterward and put them in the laundry then use fresh wash clothes.

Which baby washcloth Should I buy?

organic bamboo washcloth is the ideal one which you should buy. Turns out, it is the best for baby delicate skin care. Again, it comes with hollow tubes resemble to straws (inside of it). As a result, it consists of fibre that hold water inside the tube.

Another question comes up in my mind that many parents have asked me: Do babies need special washcloths? Yes, they need specially infants

Such washcloths have hypoallergenic materials which don’t irritate or hurt their delicate young skin and baby eyes

The delicate skin requires tender care.

The major consideration is: Always check the softness of it before buying. 

Baby Washcloths buying guideline

Let’s explore further the available washcloths in the market and discuss them in detail to give you a grasp of what to expect when you buy them for your baby.

Hope, it will be helpful. Let’s see The Guide to Choosing Washcloths for your Baby.

The Guide to Choosing Washcloths for your Baby
The Guide to Choosing Washcloths for your Baby
  1. Bamboo washcloths

bamboo baby washcloths are extremely soft, eco-friendly, stain-resistant and hypoallergenic. Most importantly, bamboo washcloths is soft, making them ideal for newborns and younger babies. 

Due to have antimicrobial properties so it sounds not chemically toxic like household cleaning products.

On the flip side,the material is extremely soft and absorbent, so it dries quickly and is odor resistant. 

  1. Cotton washcloths

baby washcloths cotton are made from Turkish or Egyptian cotton. They are also hypoallergenic, softer, and environment friendly.  Cotton washcloths serve your baby well and don’t irritate their delicate skin because of the extreme softness.

Such baby washcloths are ideal for reducing baby fever.

  1. Muslin washcloths

The fiber is not distinct from cotton, polyester, or bamboo. It’s mostly the method of weaving the fabric.  In most cases, fibers are even together to make a uniform piece. 

However, in a muslin washcloth, the fabrics are woven in a way that they are looser compared to other fabrics.

It gives the cloth extra softness that is ideal for the baby’s skin.

The loose weaving makes muslin washcloths extremely breathable and super absorbent. It’s a popular choice for baby washcloths and other baby cleaning products. Sometimes Muslins are made from cotton. However, not all Muslins are cotton and combine other fabrics.

How to buy the best baby washcloths?

As a mother to a younger baby or newborn, exercise caution when dealing with the baby’s sensitive skin. You need a cloth that is hypoallergenic and extremely soft to make the baby comfortable. 

Besides, pick a material that can withstand repetitive cleaning and washing without losing its softness. 

Highly knife fabrics are the best because of their durability compared to loose fabrics. Washcloths come in different sizes. So, pick a size that is most comfortable for the baby like 10×10 inches. 

Check the label to ensure that the washcloths are machine washable for easy use and maintenance.  You can always use a special baby detergent for washing your washcloths to ensure harsh chemicals don’t harm your baby’s skin. For further information, please follow The Guide to Choosing Washcloths for your Baby.

Should I use a fresh baby washcloth every time?

Yes, you should use a fresh baby washcloth for infants. It helps protect your baby’s delicate skin.  Always use fresh washcloths for infants. You must use a washcloth while changing diaper after baby boy is peeing. It’s hygienic to wash them after every use since the washcloths are contaminated. It’s only when the baby is older that you will need to use more of them. 

How often should I wash the baby washcloths?

I suggest not to wash the baby washcloths for 3 to 4 times.

The best practice is to replace them ASAP especially when it is contaminated.
For example: Wash them frequently if a sick person is living in the house and don’t share them with toddlers or other kids.  
On the other hand, you can reuse the washcloths based on the following considerations, mentioned below:
  1. If you live in an area with high humidity, increase the frequency of washing your washcloths. High humidity promotes fast microbial growth, so take extra care. 
  2. Your baby doesn’t have a strong immune system, so it makes sense to wash the washcloths after each use. Extra care and hygiene are necessary when dealing with an infant. The frequency of washing your washcloths depends on how many times you bathe your baby. 

Tips on washing baby washcloth: 

Allow the washcloths to dry properly before use

Always wash them in hot water to kill all germs. 


Don’t clean it using Lysol or any detergents that made for cloths or objects. For example, Lysol is safe for baby toys not for washcloths.

Final thoughts

Buy washcloths that can withstand repeated washing and are comfortable for the baby. It makes bath time easier. Always ensure you have clean washcloths for use and avoid reusing dirt ones. 

It’s safer to have enough washcloths to ensure your infant gets quality care.  Use extremely soft washcloths for better care and protect the infant from skin ailments. Let us know if you need advice and leave a comment. 

Sarah, a health writer and editor since 2014, is an adoring wife and dedicated mother to 2 daughters and 1 son. As the creator of Babies Plannet, she combines her extensive expertise with her maternal dedication to provide essential care and safety advice for infants, nurturing their well-being and happiness. Her writing explores topics like fitness, pregnancy, and women's healthy lifestyles.

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