Why Do Babies Moan When They Eat?

Mothers have a lot of queries about their babies, especially about their eating.

One common question is, “Why do babies moan when they eat?”

Babies moan while eating when they have gas or acid reflux. They feel a burning sensation in their esophagus at that time.

The baby also moans when they don’t feel well in their stomach. They can even start moaning if the food doesn’t taste good, their tummy is filled, or the feeding position is not normal. Sometimes they may feel uncomfortable while eating because of sickness. 

Is it normal for babies to moan 

Yes, it is normal for babies to moan. Most often, babies moan before sleeping or while eating. It indicates that the baby needs a nap, deep sleep, or that they are hungry. Sometimes, babies start moaning when they feel uncomfortable. 

They feel uncomfortable because of tiredness, hunger, or when they do not feel well. Moaning is a common type of sound they make just like any baby make humming noise when breastfeeding. These newborn babies moan every 3–5 minutes during sleep. 

But sometimes, babies don’t stop moaning when everything is alright. They do it when they are sick. So if your baby is moaning abnormally, take him to the doctor immediately.

How do you stop babies from moaning when they eat?

The processes for stopping babies from moaning when they eat are described below.

Check if their clothes are wet or not

baby wet cloth
see the cloth is wet or not

While feeding a baby, food or water may fall on their clothes accidentally. It’s pretty normal as the baby constantly moves when parents try to provide food for them, and the baby feels uncomfortable about it. So check if there is any food falling on their clothes or not. When this water or food falls on their clothes, you may clean it using washcloths.

Don’t feed him after he has eaten fully

baby moanging when eating
baby’s tummy is full and reluctant to eat more

It is not recommended to feed a baby when the tummy is full, or when they feel stomach pain. They may start moaning in that case. Don’t force them when feeding an essential portion but they don’t want to eat anymore. Try it after an hour.

Try to adjust the milk flow speed if necessary 

The babies may start moaning when they do not get proper milk flow. The milk flow may be too fast or too slow for him. So try to adjust the speed so he can drink properly. 

  • If he eats milk from your breast, try feeding from that same breast.
  • When your breast milk flow is too slow, try to massage or squeeze your breasts a little.
  • When the milk flow is too rapid, lie down or pump some milk from your breast.

Last but not the least, make sure your baby makes eye contact when eating.

Hold the milk feeding bottle accurately 

Some parents feed milk in bottles. However, if they don’t hold the bottle and baby appropriately, the baby may not be able to drink milk properly. Hold the bottle at a tiny angle to the baby’s mouth. Make sure to keep some of the mouth area free so he can breathe properly. 

Try to burp it if necessary.

The babies may moan because of gas problems or tummy pain while being fed. Avoid overfeeding. If he still cries after stopping feeding him, try to burp your baby.

why do babies moan when they eat

What other sounds do they make while eating?

These are the other sounds they make while eating.


This sound created by newborn babies is similar to that of pigs in nursing. Generally, babies make these sounds while emptying their bowels or adjusting their feeding position. Immature abdominal muscles are the reasons for this.Do not panic when they sound like it because it is pretty normal for them.


While a baby gulps milk very fast by sucking from your breast and can’t breathe properly, they make these types of sounds. It is almost like a clicking sound and is a sign of trouble.


They make these types of noises when their tummy is full, and they get a good night’s sleep. Don’t be frightened by this sound because it means they are having a good time. 

Lip smacking

They make this noise when they feel hungry at the time of sleeping. When babies poop, their stomachs become empty. They may poop even when they are sleeping. So they use these noises to indicate that he will wake up soon and have a meal.


The baby makes this sound when you are breastfeeding them, but their tummy is getting filled. They are gassy at this time, which makes them uncomfortable. Stop feeding them at that time and take them to the doctor as soon as possible.

Humming noise

Oftentimes, baby makes humming noise while breastfeeding. It is a normal phenomenon so don’t fret.


Baby moaning is completely normal. One of their commutation processes is sharing their situation with their parents. They moan to explain that they are hungry, sleepy, or trying to play with you. But if they moan while eating, it is not common. You need to know why do babies moan when they eat to solve the problem.

Some normal reasons for this are less hunger yet getting feeding, not getting enough milk, or feeling discomfort while eating.

However, they can start moaning even when they feel stomach pain. Acidity is one of the main reasons for stomach pain. They feel burned in their esophagus, so they start crying.

If you can solve it immediately, that’s fine. Otherwise, do not forget to take him to the doctor immediately.

Sarah, a health writer and editor since 2014, is an adoring wife and dedicated mother to 2 daughters and 1 son. As the creator of Babies Plannet, she combines her extensive expertise with her maternal dedication to provide essential care and safety advice for infants, nurturing their well-being and happiness. Her writing explores topics like fitness, pregnancy, and women's healthy lifestyles.

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