Heavy Implantation Bleeding Stories and Pictures

During the onset of early pregnancy phase (1–2 weeks), women go through light bleeding or spotting. What we also face during period bleeding.

It seems fine!

However, the heavy implantation bleeding may also happen to many mothers.

I will anonymously show those images with stories. First, I will start with showing implantation bleeding pictures starting from light to heavy.

By the way, mothers who don’t face intense bleeding and shared their implantation bleeding picture to me at my inbox, I sort out the condition of them as they are not ovulating or to test out Negative pregnancy dye stealer pregnancy test.

If you are worried about your pregnancy with implantation bleeding, then you must read between the lines step by step below.

Note: This article contains authentic pictures of implantation bleeding contributed anonymously. Please be aware that some images might be distressing to some readers.

How do Implantation bleeding pictures look like?

Implantation bleeding pictures look pink or brown when you are pregnant.

heavy implantation bleeding pictures
implantation bleeding pics

Oftentimes, we get to see the pinkish blood color, lets see what such a pink implantation bleeding picture look like:

real implantation bleeding pictures of pink blood
pink implantation bleeding picture

By the way, mothers who don’t face intense bleeding and shared their implantation bleeding picture to me at my inbox, I sort out the condition of them as they are not ovulating or not going to test out positive pregnancy.

How do heavy implantation bleeding pictures look like?

Heavy implantation bleeding look like red bleeding and it is close to period bleeding color picture.

Real pictures of heavy implantation bleeding

Heavy implantation bleeding duration last for only a day and then the test comes out positive!

heavy implantation bleeding pictures
red heavy implantation bleeding pictures

During the heavy bleeding the color may becomes red and a mother only get to see such bleeding only a day or 2. Afterwards, it turns out brown or light red just like the following brown implantation bleeding picture.

real pictures of heavy implantation bleeding
brown implantation bleeding pics

Heavy implantation bleeding picture of miscarriage

real pictures of heavy implantation bleeding
A real picture of heavy implantation bleeding during 10 weeks of pregnancy

Heavy implantation bleeding picture of miscarriage

Bright and red Implantation bleeding pictures on pads or pants

Implantation is very light or pink and brown if your having to change pads it’s most likely a period as implantation is only a little as well as your blood being red. Look at the following picture with red blood.

heavy implantation bleeding pictures
implantation bleeding pics
heavy implantation bleeding pictures on pads
A soaked up real pad picture due to heavy implantation bleeding

Brown implantation bleeding pictures

They had to change their pads or tampons every hour because the bleeding was so much. They get to see bright and dark brown implantation bleeding pictures after wiping out.

implantation bleeding pictures
Pinkish implantation bleeding pics
dark brown implantation bleeding pics
Dark brown implantation bleeding picture
light pink Implantation bleeding pictures
Light pink implanting bleeding pics

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Pink Implantation bleeding picture

The pinkish tissue pics has shown below: it is a clear sign that the mother is undergoing the ovulation period. It is the most obvious sign of a pregnant mother.

Picture: 1

Implantation bleeding picture on tissue
Pink implantation bleeding real picture

Picture: 2

Implantation bleeding looks like very light or pink and brown, when you are having to change pads.

implantation bleeding on pad picture
implantation bleeding pics on pad picture

On the other hand, it’s most likely looks like a period sign not implantation with red implantation bleeding on your pads or tampons. However, if it is only faint red, then things need to re-consider.

Picture: 3

a real heavy implantation bleeding pictures of a pregnant mother
a real heavy implantation bleeding picture of a pregnant mother

So the above period like picture tells the sign of a normal messes. However, you need to watch out for the number of days and bleeding quantity or flow. Because the flow will be either implantation bleeding or normal messes.

Picture: 4

real implantation bleeding picture
light implantation bleeding photo before BFP

The picture 3 resembles the picture 4 but the only difference is with slightly yellow discharge.

Implantation bleeding pictures with mucus discharge:

Picture: 5

implantation spotting picture
implantation light bleeding or spotting picture

The white discharge with heavy mucus is filled with fluid. It is a sign of ovulation too but the hCG progesterone level is at peaks in the body.

Picture: 6

implantation bleeding pics on mucus discharge
implantation bleeding pics on mucus discharge
implantation white mucus discharge picture on a tissue
implantation light white mucus discharge picture on a tissue

Here we discuss all the reasons for heavy to light implantation bleeding pictures & stories. Afterwards, you will come to know of its sign for your consideration.

If you get to see such bleeding, then most probably you have heavy implantation bleeding with clot stories.

real pictures of heavy implantation bleeding
real picture of heavy implantation bleeding stories

See the picture below :

With tiny clots pass after heavy implantation bleeding. It seems like you can not pass tiny clots in normal blood flow or implantation bleeding unless the flow is heavier.

tiny clots of implantation bleeding pics
tiny clots pass after heavy implantation bleeding
heavy implantation bleeding with clotting picture
Fetus comes out after heavy implantation bleeding!

Can implantation bleeding be heavy?

Yes, implantation bleeding was enough to fill up a pad or tampon in just a few hours. So, it will fill a pad overnight. However, the bleeding may very from normal to heavy flow.

implantation bleeding pics on pad that is filled up
A real pictures of heavy implantation bleeding

Mothers are facing profuse bleeding, even they have passed 10 weeks of their pregnancy. Such heavy implantation bleeding pictures look very awkward and oftentimes it causes them a closed womb.

For example, if you took some implantation bleeding pics that time, then it looks like watery discharge from underpants or pads

real pictures of heavy implantation bleeding
very light spotting from implantation bleeding pics on underpants

This is normal cervical mucus and sometimes it comes with watery discharge.

cervical mucus real picture
implantation bleeding pics with watery discharge
implantation bleeding pics with watery discharge

Heavy Implantation bleeding pics in toilet

If you have the same condition then normally, you are not pregnant because are pink in color or brown in color while you are ovulating.

The below picture looks like red (Overlook the photo if it makes you uncomfortable)

implantation bleeding pics on toilet
implantation bleeding pics on toilet

For many mothers, the implantation bleeding occurs at early morning when they go to toilet and it disappears at the following night or the day after before sleeping.

Heavy implantation bleeding stories

If you have ever come to experience heavy blood flow during pregnancy, then don’t fret. There are many heavy implantation bleeding stories of mothers. They overcome it as it doesn’t last very long.

From American Pregnancy Journal depicted the common stories of implantation bleeding:

Most women experience some degree of implantation bleeding when they become pregnant. This is when the embryo implants itself into the lining of the uterus and can cause light spotting or bleeding. However, in some cases, the bleeding can be heavier.

Editor. (2022, July 1). Early signs of pregnancy. American Pregnancy Association. Retrieved October 22, 2022, from https://americanpregnancy.org/pregnancy-symptoms/early-signs-of-pregnancy/

But it will be a matter of concern if the implantation bleeding is heavy as well as continuous for more than 2 weeks.

Because it is a sign of pregnancy loss, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancymolar pregnancy, and some other reasons.

I saw many heavy implantation bleeding pictures and heard stories from my mates since I’m 42.

Heavy implantation bleeding stories with twins

When you carry a twin baby, your body is under stress that creates implantation bleeding with twins.

So, many mothers run 4-5 weeks pregnancy test for twin pregnancy detection.

They either run a 5w5d ultrasound or 6w5d ultrasound test. It is because for the better safety.

5w5d ultrasound picture
5w5d ultrasound

Even if you are singleton pregnant, you may face the problem of heavy bleeding. But it is common for twin mothers oftentimes.

Implantation bleeding occurs when the blood vessels burst into the line of the uterus. So while you carry twins, it would be much bleeding.

In addition, If you use a tampon, it’s no need to change it multiple times as the implantation bleeding tampon not get wet very soon all the time. However, if the tampon gets wet then you must replace with a new one unless, you may face bacterial infection.

Heavy implantation bleeding and positive pregnancy test

By the way there would be some exception like you have the positive pregnancy test but bleeding and cramping are signs. Hence, you should visit to your OB-GYN if it persists for more then a few days.

I recommend you to keep testing and get to know about what was your implantation bleeding like before BFP (Big Fat Positive).

Make sure, the sooner you will detect the positive pregnancy during the implantation occurs, the better you will understand and tell the good news to your husband.

heavy implantation bleeding and positive pregnancy test
A implantation pictures of heavy flow during implantation and the test comes out positive!

Lets say, it could be start from your 5 dpo symptoms success stories, 10 DPO, 12 DPO13 DPO, and chances are high during 14 or 16 DPO.

Some BFN (false negative test) would turn out BFP too at 8 DPO BFN success stories.

It is because, the more days are passing due to the ovulation, the more likely you will find test line darker then control line during pregnancy test.

Find the best way to run your ovulation test according to what FDA says.

Why does implantation bleeding occurs

When does implantation bleeding occurs pictures
When it occurs?

Implantation bleeding occurs due the overlapping status between fertilized egg to the uterus line, turns out it causes light to tough spot of bleeding.

After a fertilization process, the fertilized egg starts growing in the fallopian tube. Then it is divided continuously and converts to a blastocyst. Now it will become the embryo.

What Should I do when heavy implantation bleeding occurs?

When your implantation bleeding occurs don’t be panic since having heavy implantation bleeding doesn’t last long usually.

Here are 3 simple tips for you at the beginning while you are having trouble with it:

  • The best thing to do is to relax and take it easy.
  • Avoid strenuous activity and intercourse.
  • Drink plenty of fluids and rest as much as possible.

If you’re not experiencing moderate implantation bleeding, it’s important to know that you’re not alone. However, if the bleeding is accompanied by severe cramping or pain, you should speak to your doctor.

Symptoms of implantation bleeding

During Early Pregnancy light bleeding is the most common sign of an early pregnancy but heavy bleeding also occurs during that time which is normally last for only few hours like 2 or 3 (maximum).

Ectopic Pregnancy

When a fertilized egg doesn’t latch on the uterus line and mistakenly latches outside of the womb, it starts to bleed. It is an ectopic pregnancy. While you are bleeding, you may have such symptoms

About 90% of ectopic pregnancies happen when the fertilized egg attaches to the fallopian tube. Then when it may burst, it creates unusual life-threatening internal bleeding.

Many women have heavy implantation bleeding stories with ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy is not a normal and common problem. It has some signs. 

  • Heavy or light v*gin*l bleeding with dark brown color
  • Severe stomach pain that occurs suddenly or gradually
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Rectal pressure
  • Severe pain the time of using the bathroom
  • Feel pain at the end of the shoulder and beginning the arm

Molar pregnancy

Molar pregnancy may be another sign of heavy implantation bleeding in the first trimester of your pregnancy. 

When any genetic error occurs in the processing of fertilization, then abnormally, the placental tissue grows and creates molar pregnancy. In this case, the fetus cannot grow at all. It is a cause of miscarriage.

However, a molar pregnancy is a rare but serious problem. Only 1% of pregnancies occur in molar pregnancy.https://assets.pinterest.com/ext/embed.html?id=1041879695021693952

If someone experiences this problem, they should early go to a doctor.

Miscarriage and pregnancy loss

Has anyone had heavy implantation bleeding and still was pregnant
pregnancy loss and implantation bleeding

Generally, most miscarriages occur in the first trimester of pregnancy. It is called chemical pregnancy in other words.

In first response early sign during pregnancy the chemical pregnancy line progression tells about miscarriage.

Up to 10 to 20 percent of miscarriage occurs in this period with heavy implantation bleeding.

If you face heavy bleeding with pain, it can be a symptom of miscarrying. However, it’s not your fault. Instead of this sign, most pregnant women carry their baby with a healthy pregnancy.

  • Heavier va*ginal bleeding with clots and tissues
  • Lower stomach pain
  • Deep pain in the lower back
  • Stern cramping
  • Brown or dark red in color of heavy bleeding
  • Start to flow with spotty, then grows heavier.

If you face these symptoms in the first trimester of your pregnancy, you should call a doctor as soon as possible.

Implantation and cramping

Light implantation bleeding picture before bfp tells you are having signs or symptoms of implantation cramping, spotting, and bleeding which does not last longer.

It may be heavy and cause serious health problems for these women. Mainly this va*ginal bleeding happens due to va*ginal infection, Subchorionic Hematoma or SCH, molar pregnancy, tubal ectopic pregnancyYeast infection, etc. 

Heavy implantation bleeding signs

When the egg is implanting for example, during 6 days of blastocyst, then heavy bleeding occurs. It is a sign of early pregnancy and the heavy implantation may happen at the very first moment and then it will turn out to be the sign of normal implantation.

While the mother wiped and she observed light pink blood on tissue, she was having the following signs:

It’s most likely a period due to the normal implantation. If the flow is heavy too at first, so the blood will turn pink from red.

Yet, if you have no idea at all, then the heavy blood flow will surprise you. But once you get to see then run a pregnancy test during period. Afterwards, most of the time the heavy bleeding will go away within 2 days maximum.

It’s a simple sign and every woman experience it during period/pregnancy and, no need to worry about at all. But, you must know about implantation bleeding during pregnancy as it is the early sign of pregnancy.

It starts and gets well on its own. So it’s no need to worry at all. 😊

I got to see some signs as they told me it was just light spotting with mild cramping. The cramping comes and goes and never last so long.

Symptoms of normal and heavy implantation bleeding Stories

Normal and heavy implantation bleeding both happen in the first trimester of pregnancy. Among these, implantation bleeding is the first sign of pregnancy. But it may be the sign of some serious complications.

light vs heavy implantation bleeding sign
Symptoms of normal and heavy implantation bleeding

Sign of heavy bleeding

  • Weakness
  • Dizziness
  • Unable to keep down the flow of bleed
  • Severe cramping
  • Lower abdomen pain or heaviness
  • Vomiting
  • Bloating

The symptom of normal implantation bleeding:

Here is some symptom of implantation bleeding. If you experience this problem in the first trimester of pregnancy, be tension-free. It will get well on own.

Subchorionic hemorrhage and infections may create heavy implantation bleeding and that miscarriage may occur.

25 of 198 pregnancies (12.6%) without subchorionic hematoma resulted in miscarriage Şükür YE, Göç G, Köse O, Açmaz G, Özmen B, Atabekoğlu CS, Koç A, Söylemez F. The effects of subchorionic hematoma on pregnancy outcome in patients with threatened abortion. J Turk Ger Gynecol Assoc. 2014 Dec 1;15(4):239-42. doi: 10.5152/jtgga.2014.14170. PMID: 25584033; PMCID: PMC4285213.

Subchorionic hemorrhage

Here is some symptom of sub chorionic hemorrhage:

  • Lower stomach pain
  • Light to heavier bleeding
  • Severe cramping
  • Pink, red or brown color bleeding, etc


  • Va*ginal bleeding
  • Discharge of white mucus
  • Itching
  • Burning in the time of urinating
  • Stomach pain.

Has anyone had heavy implantation bleeding and still was pregnant?

If anyone had heavy implantation bleeding that last for only two days, then there is good chance to be pregnant. About 10 to 20 percents of women has had heavy implantation bleeding and still was pregnant.

If miscarriage going to occur during pregnancy it is called chemical pregnancy and you can get more insight from chemical pregnancy line progression blog post. During heavy bleeding the pictures of implantation color would be light, brown or pink.

Many women who experience heavy bleeding go on to have healthy pregnancies too.

On the other hand, if the bleeding last for several days like 7 to 9 days. If anyone experience implantation cramping, and other symptoms, then chances are pretty low to become pregnant. On the other hand, you are having a tired tubes for late period complication.

You can easily come to know when you can see more bleeding compared to normal. Because, normal implantation bleeding does not last long even though it is very light.

Yet, you may face bleeding and some sign of miscarriage. But it will not be risky and miscarriage.  In that case, it can call a threatened abortion.

This abortion occurs for some reason. If you have an yeast infection or fall on trauma in the area of the ureter, you can face the threatened abortion.

Normal implantationHeavy implantation
It does not last long during pregnancyIt doesn’t occur during pregnancy, if occurs then barely last long. However, it last long as a sign of miscarriage, ectopic/molar pregnancy
light implantation blood color includes pink and brown or dark brownheavy implantation blood color looks red

normal vs heavy implantation bleeding differences chart

Implantation bleeding vs period

The image below will give you the quick answer about implantation bleeding vs period bleeding pictures look like.

Implantation bleeding vs period
Implantation bleeding vs period infographic

Well, period bleeding color look like bright red to dark red which seems thick and sticky.

On the other hand, the implantation bleeding pics are look like brown/dark brown/pink in color.

Here is another picture shown below about period bleeding color

implantation bleeding vs period pictures
implantation bleeding color

If it is heavy Implantation bleeding then the bleeding would look like dark or red at the early stage or first few hours and then it turns out light bleeding (pink, brown, and dark brown) normal menstrual bleeding has a dark red color in the first few days and gets it brighter red color over time. On the contrary, the implantation bleeding has a deep brown or pinkish color.

bright red heavy implantation bleeding pictures

On the other hand, identifying which is implantation bleeding, and which is normal periodic bleeding is the most important thing to track while early pregnancy. Because both of them have some similar signs. 

I will tell you some of the parameters which will distinguish between them easily.

Implantation bleeding vs period bleeding vs heavy bleeding

It is usually tough to find the difference between the bleeding of the period cycle and implantation bleeding because both have almost similar signs. 

But both have some differences to be a consideration. Even heavy implantation bleeding carries some typical signs from them. Below are some differences between all of them.

Regular menstrualImplantation bleedingHeavy implantation bleeding
The regular period lasts at least 7 to 8 days or less, obviously may differ by age.Implantation bleeding last for a few hours or couple of days.The heavy Implantation bleeding lasts only a day or 2.
Its bleeding is heavy at first, then too light at the end of the menstrual period.Its bleeding is lighter than menstrual bleeding.It is heavy and sometimes may happen with clotting.
In this bleeding, you may look at clots and tissues.In this bleeding, there are no clots or tissue.There are clots with heavy bleeding.
Before starting the period, you may face uterus cramping. It can occur several days in a time period.The color of implantation bleeding may be brown or pink.The color of this va*ginal bleeding is bright red.
Period bleeding smells like sweet or fishy odor sometimes.Implantation bleeding smells mild and oftentimes is has no odor.Heavy bleeding may smell foul odor when you are infected.
It is a sign that you are not pregnant for the next cycle.After all, it is a sign of early pregnancy.It is a sign of having twins, miscarrying, ectopic pregnancy.

Implantation bleeding vs period bleeding


Typically you can notice the cramps in the menstrual bleeding but the implantation bleeding doesn’t contain along with painful cramps.

I have written another article on how long does implantation cramping last where you will get to know more about it. Even if you may notice some cramps during pregnancy, they will not be more intensive than periodic bleeding.

Clots and Consistency:

Normal implantation bleeding does not discharge clots at all.

On the contrary, heavy implantation bleeding may look like viscous and contains thick blood clots through blood discharge. Sometimes the developing fetus comes! (see the picture below)

heavy implantation bleeding clots picture and pregnancy loss pictures
A fetus comes out due to clotting and bleeding after many days

Bleeding flow:

The bleeding amount of menstrual is more than the implantation bleeding. The menstrual bleeding is enough to soak the tampon or pads while the implantation bleeding is a little noticeable. It is quite enough to damp the pantiliner.

Duration of Bleeding:

Menstrual bleeding may last for at least 7 to 8 days while heavy implantation bleeding only takes a few hours or up to 2 days, if you have no serious issues like molar and ectopic pregnancy signs (I’ve told it the signs already).

Bleeding Type:

Menstrual bleeding becomes heavier over time. But the implantation bleeding is not heavier. It will be very pale over time and even you may not be able to notice it. 

When to seek a doctor?

So, If someone has such bleeding stories in the first 1 to 2 weeks after their conception, they should emergency seek a doctor.
As such bleeding is not a simple complication, you must seek a bit of professional advice when you face any problem, as mentioned above.

Your doctor sees the heavy bleeding seriously and recommends some tests if you need them.

Could a heavy implantation bleeding be a symbol of pregnancy loss?

Pregnancy loss may be the cause of heavy implantation bleeding. Generally, pregnancy loss occurs before 24 weeks of pregnancy. About 10% of pregnancies, it can see.


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