Heavy Implantation Bleeding with Clots Stories

Not all women experience heavy implantation bleeding with clots stories. Even though they have heavy implantation bleeding stories.  

So, if the implantation bleeding does not contain any clots, this is perfectly normal.

Many women wonder why their implantation bleeding has clotted, and whether or not this is normal.

The answer to whether or not clots in implantation bleeding are normal depends on a few factors.

Does Implantation bleeding have clots?

Picture of heavy implantation bleeding clot stories
heavy bleeding and clotting picture

Well, if your implantation bleeding does contain clots, there are a few possible explanations. 

One possibility is that the clots are simply old blood that was already in the uterus, and was released when the egg was implanted. This is nothing to be concerned about and is perfectly normal.

The left picture, you can see weird to have a look, I beg pardon, if it hurts your sentiment. But I didn’t blur it just to show you the real example. If anyone has seen such watery clotting, then most probably, nothing to worry more! Go and take the regular checkup.

Another possibility is that the clots are due to uterine contractions. When the egg implants, the uterus begins to contract in order to protect the egg. 

picture of heavy implantation bleeding with clots stories during uterine contraction
Picture of clotting due to uterine contraction

These contractions can cause clots to form in the blood that is released. Again, this is nothing to be concerned about and is perfectly normal.

Finally, it is possible that the clots are due to an infection. If you experience fever, chills, or other symptoms along with your implantation bleeding, this could be a sign of an infection

Don’t get panicked at all since you are not the first person on earth who has experienced implantation bleeding with clots. Just call your OB-GYN asap. 

Story of heavy Implantation bleeding with clotting

Story 1:

I went in to my ob yesterday saw a heartbeat and my 2 babies. He did see some subchorionic hematoma. And when i went to the bathroom there after the exam. A big blood clot size of half of my palm, came out and i showed it to the doc. He said i will be expecting that next couple weeks.

Drove home and on my way home i bled alot more.

Clots was coming out bleeding like crazy.

Got home parked on the driveway called my husband to come out and grab me because I knew i was going to pass out. Got out of the car, husband held on to my arm and immediately i knew i was going to pass out and i did. I didnt even make it to the door. Husband saw i was bleeding through my pants and freaked out.

Called the ambulance, they came within mins. They had to pull down my pants off I was then conscious when they came. I was in shock. I was shaking and hyperventilating. Looked down to my pants and i saw a huge clot, size of my palm maybe even bigger filled with blood.

They took me to the ER, and there I was still bleeding. I knew in my heart they didn’t make it. They examined and had an ultrasound done. Well both babies was not seen. My husband and i were devastated. He broke down and cried.

it was so heartbreaking to see him like that. So i held in my tears. I didn’t want him to see me cry and be even more sad seeing me like that
Anyways i ended up getting a d&c. It was smooth and painless. I just wanted to get it over with and didn’t want to wait and see with the option of the vaginal meds or wait and see if it’ll come out on its own. I was very traumatized. I thought i was going to die at home.

Story: 2

I’m first time pregnant hoping there is enough similarities between your pregnancies to give me some insight.

I had some spotting little over week ago and went to hospital. They told me there is no baby only gestational sac at 5 weeks 2 days. The resident also said there is minimal chance it will develop into embryo and I should prep for miscarriage 😢.

I went home and spotting stopped until 5 days ago, where I had what felt like gush of blood. It was bright red this time with large quarter size clot. The bleeding turned to spotting almost immediately and it didn’t happen again until 2 days ago (same thing with gush of red blood and clots). After that only brown spotting.

Today I had an ultrasound appointment to confirm is there any fetal pole at my 7 weeks of pregnancy? But instead we got a “strong heartbeat”. I’m beyond excited because we really want this kid but also so confused and scared.

Can implantation bleeding have clots and mother was pregnant?

Yes, there are many cases where mothers become pregnant after experiencing the bleeding and clotting both.

But, the bleeding didn’t last more then a few days. Either they get well soon in just 2 days even in half of the day or, they got medications afterwards, they get rid of it.

You might want to get a second opinion on that one and a scan to confirm either way. Most of the time those mothers go for 5w5d ultrasound or 6w5d ultrasound to see what wrong with them.

If they don’t face that much hard time, In that case, there are signs to understand. Like, the red blood with clotting comes to show up on tampons but once they were getting well, then they saw Brown blood or old blood.

brown implantation bleeding picture
red blood clotting turns into brown color!🙌

Red blood to brown blood is a clear sign you overcome the danger of pregnancy loss. In most cases, mothers get rid of that hurdle very soon.

I had been charting my cycles for a few months and was pretty regular. I knew that I ovulated around day 12 dpo, so I was surprised when I started spotting on day 11. I wasn’t too worried, but I did take a home pregnancy test just to be sure.

heavy implantation spotting picture
A picture of spotting
heavy implantation bleeding with clotting but still was pregnant
My elder daughter is waiting for becoming big sister!

I was thrilled, but also a little scared. I had heard that implantation bleeding could be heavy and even lead to miscarriage.

I called my doctor and she assured me that it was perfectly normal and that I should just take it easy for a few days.

Sure enough, the bleeding was gone within a few days and I never had any problems throughout my pregnancy.

So, if you’re spotting during your cycle, don’t panic! It could be a sign of a healthy pregnancy. Just take it easy and call your doctor if you have any concerns.

Can you have heavy bleeding and blood clots and still be pregnant?

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