Pencil Test for Predicting Baby Gender

Pencil test for predicting baby gender is a superstition and old wives’ tale. It claims to predict the baby’s gender. So, you need to balance a pencil like a pendulum over a pregnant woman’s wrist or belly using thread. The direction it turns in helps determine your unborn baby’s gender. 

They usually do this out of the curiosity to know the baby’s gender as early as possible before their birth. They can also do this test before their pregnancy. 

In addition, the test claims it can determine the future baby gender of a woman who is not pregnant yet. Even, it will perform for men as well.

In this test, a person holds the pencil over the expectant wrist, allowing the pencil to swing using thread. This test may only take a few minutes. 

If the pencil moves up and down, the folks state that the woman may carry a baby boy.

Conversely, if the pencil rolls from side to side, it may be a baby girl. 

However, here we will tell the processes you need to do the pencil test, and other related information. So, just scroll down and follow the bellowing steps.

Pencil test for pregnancy accuracy

The accuracy of this pencil test is not yet proven by science that the test will work. It is a superstitious process that transforms from generation to generation and doesn’t include any risk. 

Yet, in 1999, a researcher at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has ran a research on pencil gender test. They tell 104 women to take any test for baby gender as their wish. The tests are:

J. H. B. (1999, August 31) conduct a research on Educated moms better at predicting baby’s sex

Then the researcher stated women took the different tests, and the accuracy rate was 55%. In that case, you can take the test to know your future baby’s gender.

Bloomberg School of Public Health, J. H. B. (1999, August 31). Educated moms better at predicting baby’s sex . Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Retrieved November 22, 2022, from

So, many families, moms, parents, and grandparents perform this process. Yet, if you want to know your baby’s gender, it is better to get the help of 6w5d ultrasonography.

MD, N. T. (2022, May 26) conduct a research on how accurate ultrasound test is for predicting the baby sex:

If you’re curious about the sex of your baby, you can get an ultrasound, which is usually done between weeks 18-20 of pregnancy. Provided that your ultrasound technician gets a good view between your baby’s legs, the imaging procedure should be able to tell you the baby’s sex with about 80% to 90% accuracy.

MD, N. T. (2022, May 26). Can you predict your baby’s sex? WebMD. Retrieved November 22, 2022, from

How to do pencil gender test predicting baby gender

So now it needs to learn the process to perform the pencil test. Actually, during pregnancy, we go through the excitement of the baby’s gender. Will it be a baby boy or a girl? 

pencil test pregnancy
pencil test pregnancy

That is why we describe the process step by step so that you can understand it easily. But first, let’s get some ingredients we need to accomplish the test. 

Essential Ingredients for pencil gender test:

pencil test pregnancy necessary items
important items for the test
  • Pencil with an eraser on the end so you can use needle
  • Pencil sharpener 
  • Sewing needle
  • Sewing thread

Preparing before starting the process of pencil test:

  • First, you need to sharpen the pencil.
  • It needs to move the pencil on its own. So, ensure that the environment is without breeze or wind so that it can’t affect the result. That’s why you can turn off the fan and close the windows. 
  • Knit the sewing needle.
  • Carefully pin the needle to the eraser part of the pencil. Here, give a bit of pressure to pin the sewing needle because the eraser is a harsh element.
  • Tie up the sewing thread and keep the pencil down by holding the embedded needle on the eraser.

Pencil and needle pregnancy test

Now is the time to accomplish the procedures and end your curiosity. So what can you do? Let’s follow the below process step by step. We describe it so that you can smoothly complete the test.

Swing method

For this test, you need sewing thread and needles. Before starting, ensure that there is no breeze or winds so that the sewing needle can move its own. 

This movement claims whether the baby will be a boy or girl. However, to start this process, follow the bellowing step.

Thread the sewing needle. 

A picture of pencil test for gender prediction where a man is threading the needle
thread the needle

Hold the needle over your palm. You can also hold the sewing needle over your belly.

Notice its movement. 

pencil test for predicting gender

Analyzing result:

If the needle dangle like a circle, it seems you may carry a little girl. If the needle swings back and forth, it seems you may have a baby boy.

The Belly method 

Here you need a person to help you with this process who can hold the pencil on your baby and notice the movement.

The wrist method

Wrist method pencil test for pregnancy accuracy
Wrist method
  • Lay down in a relaxed position on a place like a floor, bed, or couch, and keep your belly up. 
  • Hold the pencil using the thread and touch it at the center and over the belly button of your baby bump. For this, you may leave your dress and expose your belly. Yet it is your wish!
  • Directly swipe the thread upwards from your tummy. In that step, you can get the help of a trusted and loved one.
  • Notice the movement of the pencil. It swings like a pendulum.
Analyzing results:

Up and down: if the pencil swings in a line perpendicularly to your body, it means you are carrying a little boy.

Side to side: if the pencils swing across your belly straightly, you are carrying a little girl.

  • Seat in a comfortable place near a chair, table, or coffee table.
  • Keep your hand palm-up on the table’s flat surface.
  • Hold the pencil by the thread and touch it on the woman’s wrist. Make sure it doesn’t affect our body movement more. 
  • Now raise the pencil slowly upwards the wrist and let it swing as little as possible. Here, hold the pencil very carefully and check the motions of the pencils. The movement tells you about the gender you are carrying.
Analyzing results:

Up and down: If the pencil moves over the length of your wrist, you may have a boy.

Side to side: if the pencil moves horizontally across your arm, you may carry a girl.

However, the result is also interpreted differently. If the pencil swings like a pendulum, you may have a boy. When it swings in a circle, the baby will be a girl. 

When can you do the pencil test for the baby’s gender?

It has no exact time to perform the pencil test for the baby’s gender. It is only a superstitious process that is practiced throughout the world. 

You can take this test any time you want. You can do it during pregnancy time or even before your pregnancy. Any pregnant woman or even a man can take this test as a trial. The test is a unreal claim as it works for not only for, women but also for, men too! 

Does the pencil test count miscarriages?

The pencil test has not been confirmed by science. It’s just a fun ritual that operates to predict the unborn baby’s gender. Even it has no study that the pencil test can count miscarriages.

Yet as a folk tradition, it is assumed that the pencil test can tell the gender of your future baby and how many pregnancies you already carry. Even it claims that the test can count miscarriages and abortions too!

Does the needle and thread test work if you’re not pregnant?

The needle and thread test is one kind of folk tradition. It claims it can determine the unborn baby’s gender. It also claims it works if you’re not pregnant.

In addition, it also performs if you already have children. It works for the men as well. The reality is, It’s no more loyal than the normally guessing method.

While this test has no scientific evidence that it works, many people experience its positive result. Even it has no side effects. So you can get the test just for fun to predict your baby’s gender.

Can I use a thread and needle test for baby gender?

Have you listened to the thread and needle test for baby gender? You also apply the test to predict the baby’s sex.

Yes, it is also possible as the pencil gender test. Yet, both of these are nothing but superstitions and old wives tales.

However, it is also a fun way to determine the baby’s gender. They have no scientific evidence to prove their ability. But it literally works in many cases.

So, here you learn the process of the needle test to predict baby gender.

Pencil test for gender identify video

Pencil gender test twins

Pencil test baby gender twins test is just a fun game for parents who are expecting gender for twins. It seems an old superstitious act that can determine the unborn baby’s gender.

When the pencil test for twin gender prediction is performed, the pencils move like a pendulum that tells about the baby’s gender. If the pencil swings up and down, the baby will be a boy, and if it moves from side to side, it is a girl. 

Now, if the pencil swings diagonally or in a circle, it seems you may have multiple babies. When It may go diagonally you should keep an eye on it. It starts to swing up and down your wrist. Even, it may then hang across your arm before stopping. All things happen on their own!

So in a simple word, if the pencil moves diagonally, it means you have twin babies.

  • What blood test tests for baby gender?

    We all go through a confusing period in pregnancy. Will it be a baby boy or girl? From this curiosity comes the blood test to test your baby’s gender. 
    The NIPT test is a test that is handy for all pregnant women. They can take this test around ten weeks of pregnancy.
    It can tell you whether you are carrying a baby boy or girl? You can do this test personally at home using your blood. But it is better to go to a doctor to do this test.

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