When Did You Tell Your Husband You Were Pregnant? (12-15 Gift Ideas!)

When you got the first positive test for pregnancy, how was the feeling? It seems like you flew on-air, or it’s like the rainfall in the desert, right?

Even now, you may be blushing, think of it, how do you tell your husband about your pregnancy! Yet if it is your first pregnancy, it can be more blushing for you. So, when did you tell your husband you were pregnant?

But now, you may want to tell your husband, family, or friends about your pregnancy, as the breaking news can be tough to keep a secret, especially from your loved one, your husband.

So how or when do you tell him the exciting news that depends on your wish.

Yet, as a wife, you can share the news with your partner excitingly and strategically.

And exactly, you can know all of the information from our article that we have given below.

There is no more good or exciting news for sharing than the breaking news of pregnancy. This amazing news comes after the first test of internal ultrasound.

Even the good news gives your husband so much joy and happiness.

So at first, you should share the news with your husband. Then you can announce it with your family and friends.

When is the best time to share with people that you are pregnant?

A debating question, ‘when you share your expectations news with your husband or family?’ is your own decision. Yet first, you can discuss with your spouse, then with your family member about the timing.

Some family members reveal the news early or, some enclose it later.

However, you can inform your near ones or friends on the message or by posting the news online.

Yet, you can wait at least the first trimester because minimum miscarriage occurs in this period. If any unwanted situation may occur, anyone can not know about your pregnancy. You can keep it a secret. Otherwise, some dishonest people can sound harsh with you.

If you want, you can announce the news early because someone may give you valuable suggestions.

How long did you wait to tell your husband you are pregnant?

The appropriate time for confirming the news to your husband is your wish. However, I will recommend you to let him know in the first trimester of your pregnancy.

Even if it is your first-time pregnancy after a long time baby expectation, you may be feeling nervous to tell him about the news. But at last, you should confirm him anyway.

However, some people inform their spouse immediately or early and, some people like to wait a few weeks to confirm the expectant.

Yet, first, if you want to be sure with a strip or a doctor, you can wait some time. If you face any situation of miscarriage in the past, you can wait, at least the first trimester, as it is a particular time for miscarriage.

However, the announcement of your pregnancy may be one of the best and most valuable pieces to your husband. So you should confirm him as soon as possible.

You can inform your hubby of some of the creative ways that make him excited and happy. Below are some gifts that may be lovely to you.

Gift him a T-shirt:

You can gift your hubby a T-shirt designed with the note, ‘I will be a dad.

With a greetings card:

If your husband likes it, you can tell him with a card. You can design the card with the note, ‘I am pregnant. Then when he comes home, you can give it.

With a coffee mug:

If your partner loves to drink coffee, you can give him a coffee mug designed with a note inside.

Some unique ways to tell your husband about what you are expecting:

The news is exciting and unique, so its sharing should be unique. You can follow this unique way to tell your husband that you are with the baby.

Give him a handicraft:

You can give him a handicraft with embroidery of, “I am pregnant. That can be amazing for your hubby.

Send a letter:

You can write just a sentence in the letter, “you will be a dad. Then put it in the envelope. Now You can put it in your home letterbox. When your husband returns home, he can see the envelope.

Decorate the door:

You can decorate the door with balloons. In the middle, draw a line, ‘we will be parents. When he comes to enter your room, he may be amazed to see it.

Present a bottle of water:

If your hubby wants to drink water, then give him a bottle of water that has already been designed, with the speech, “I am pregnant.

Some funny strategies to inform your partner about your pregnancy:

Fun is always fun and can bring extra happiness. So, you can inform your partner with some funny ways, which are below.

Serve an empty soup bowl:

If your husband loves to drink soup, you can serve him an empty soup bowl. Put a note inside the bowl.

Send a message:

If your husband loves to read messages, send him a short message or email with the content of the pregnancy.

Write the text on the mirror:

 Write a message with a marker on the mirror. When your husband gets out of the bathroom, he can see it. It may be the easiest way to tell him about your pregnancy.

Design the beautiful work of art:

First, you can design beautiful artwork with a husband, a little one, and a wife. Then give it to your husband.

Some surprising ways to share with your husband you are with child:

The surprising news surprised you when you are sure that you will become a mother, sure?

So now you can surprise your hubby to inform him of this news in some surprising way. Here are some ways that may be handy for you.

Decorate a room.

You can design some balloons with a pregnancy note. Then decorate your whole room with these balloons or flowers.

Unexpected photoshoot:

You can take a placard with a message of pregnancy. Then take a shoot with your husband. When your husband sees it, he will be surprised.

Create a short video:

You can create a short video with the message of your pregnancy and send it to your husband on his social accounts.

Use flowers:

You can offer a set of flowers to your hubby, which flowers he loves. Then write a note, ‘hi dad, I am coming to you. Adjust it with the set of flowers.

Some romantic pregnancy announcements to your lovely husband:

After all those ways, why not tell your husband in some romantic way?

Scroll down and see some romantic way to tell your husband that you are pregnant.

Arrange a dinner

You can arrange dinner and take your husband out of the house. Tell him about the special dinner and break the great news.

 It may be a romantic and cute way to tell him about your pregnancy.

Write a message on your belly

You can write a message in your belly about your pregnancy then see your husband.

Unexpected proposal

You can re-memory the scene before your husband when he proposed to you. You can copy your husband and then go on your one knee and offer the pregnancy test strip before him.

When should you share with your family members about your pregnancy?

After your husband, you can tell the good news to your family. Your expectation will be the best news for them. 

If it is your first-time pregnancy, it will be a piece of exciting news for them. Even you can apply some creative way to inform them to see their reaction before face to face.

Moreover, if you inform them early, they may celebrate it with you.

When should you tell your friends?

Probably you want to announce the news to your close friends. Then gradually, you can share the pregnancy news with all of your friends.

 You can post your ultrasound photo on your social media so that everyone who has far also gets the breaking news.

When should you tell your employer?

When you need parental leave, you can inform the good news to your employee. Unless you are unsafe to work, you can continue working. 

But if you involve physical labor, you should take a rest.

However, if you confirm your pregnancy with your employer, you are protected against discrimination.

In the time of your pregnancy, if you can do work, you do not need to leave the workplace early.

However, you can share your pregnancy with your employee at the right time. It may be best for you.

When should you tell your colleagues?

In the workplace, colleagues may help you in many ways in the time of your pregnancy. So you can inform them about your expectations as soon as possible.

Your colleagues can support you in your workplace. And if they know about your pregnancy, they can help you in the workplace.

The pros and cons of waiting to share your pregnancy

When you inform your pregnancy, it only depends on your choice. You can announce it early or wait some time.

If you fear pregnancy loss, you may wait about 20 weeks. Then you can announce.

Yet, it has some pros and cons of waiting or early sharing your pregnancy. Below are given some pros and cons.

Pros of waiting:

· Get time to digest the breaking news

· You can prepare yourself before sharing with others

· If you miscarry, you will not need to withdraw the announcement of your pregnancy.

· You may feel comfortable while you will get the ultrasound report, your baby’s sex, or heartbeat.

Cons of waiting:

· Do not get time to digest the good news.

· The first 20 weeks may not be easy for you without support

· If you miscarry, you have not gotten any support from others.

Pros of early sharing:

· You will get more support in the early announcement.

· You can share your excitement with other

· Able to make any decision quickly

· The First trimester may be difficult. You feel nausea, vomiting, nervousness, etc. At this time you can able to get any help from your family.

· Everyone can help you physically

· You will not face any danger at the workplace if you share the news with your employer earlier.

· If you miscarry, everyone can support you.

Cons of early sharing

· You can not share first with someone because good news runs fast.

· You can not share your excitement properly with someone.

· In your workplace, you may face the hazard if anyone does not know about your pregnancy.

· Your colleagues can not support you if they do not know.

· If you miscarry and become sad, everyone may question you.

· You will get too many suggestions that may be irritating for you.

According to these issues, you can announce your pregnancy early or wait. Yet, it may be better to share the information with your family and friends and your husbands.

The Conclusion:

Pregnancy is a natural system. It may be both a frightening and exciting issue for someone.

You can share the breaking news with your husband early as you get full support at any time from him.

Yet if it is an unplanned pregnancy, you can inform him gradually. If you want to take some time, you can wait at least the first trimester.

However, your husband may be very happy with the news. So you can confirm him with some creative way to make the news special.

After all, enjoy the whole time of pregnancy and be careful.

Sarah, a health writer and editor since 2014, is an adoring wife and dedicated mother to 2 daughters and 1 son. As the creator of Babies Plannet, she combines her extensive expertise with her maternal dedication to provide essential care and safety advice for infants, nurturing their well-being and happiness. Her writing explores topics like fitness, pregnancy, and women's healthy lifestyles.

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