Rough with Baby When Angry – Solutions Revealed

Sometimes we forget that the people who have become new parents are also human beings. They are also rough with baby when angry due to the postpartum.

Here, being a mother of my three children, I come up with some suggestions that might help you.

My quick suggestion is: That rough time ask your husband or closest person to stay or hold the baby. Afterwards, you go to a different room to take a deep breath and calm down. 

There are more ways to deal with your problem if you want to know about the stay with us till the end.

Solutions For The Moments You Get Rough With Baby When Angry 

Solutions For The Moments You Get Rough With Baby When Angry

Many new mothers deal with anger management issues with babies, which is dangerous. So we will share with you both the signs and the solutions. 

Rough with baby when angry is a postpartum signs

It’s al about postpartum signs

Before dealing with the ways of controlling your anger, how about we try to understand the postpartum or blue baby signs? Well, that show you are feeling angry or frustrated. Without delay, let’s look at them.

Having Extreme Mood Swings

It is deemed normal to have mood swings during the first few weeks of giving birth. All the hormonal changes the mother has to go through during the pregnancy can drain them emotionally, so if they get fussy or irritated by small things, that is normal. 

But if you see that the mother’s mood swings or behavioral pattern is not changing and it has been almost a month, then take that seriously.

Showing Displeasure In Having The Baby

Babies are a bundle of joys and blessings for their parents. As much as they can give positive vibes, it is also possible that you might have negative thoughts about having them. 

Like having a baby, you are unable to go out like you used to or don’t have time for you to relax. All these frustrations and anxiety can create negative thoughts in your mind making you express the wish of not having the baby in the first place.

Feeling Pressure

how to deal with anger and frustration as a parent

Suddenly, you are dealing with a whole new level of responsibility and have no idea how to manage all of them. It can be overwhelming and seem like the whole world’s pressure is on you. 

Let’s not forget the different expectations people have from the mother to be perfect in the first go can make that person feel so pressurized and anxious all the time. That the reactions they show in return of anger, frustration and agitation should be considered normal. 

Isolated From The World

Once the baby is born, the mother’s only duty is to tend to the baby and nothing else; she should forget everything—such an absurd thing to do. Besides, when someone becomes a mother, they don’t pay much attention to her. 

That is not a bad thing to do, but then, seeing all this, no thought that the person who gave birth needs attention, love, and care or even sometimes they are not included or invited in gatherings or parties thinking that a mother shouldn’t be attending all this. 

No one thought that she might feel isolated from the world. And slowly, all this feeling comes out as anger, which can take a wrong turn.

Not Taking Cries Of Help Seriously

When the parents or one of the parents can feel that their behavior can be harmful to their baby, they try to ask for help or share their problems with their close ones. 

But we humans, being insensitive beings, don’t pay any heed and often dismiss their pleas by saying that they are overreacting or think this is some phase. 

So all these rejections with all the existing emotions turn into a bigger mess, creating another level of anger altogether. 

Ways To Deal while you are

Above, we have discussed some signs or triggers that may cause anger or frustration. Now, we will see what you can do to avoid them or how to deal with them.

It Is Normal

It is high time all parents, including, understand that it is normal to feel angry or frustrated while taking care of the baby until and unless things get too extreme. Sometimes it can become overwhelming to handle when the baby gets extra fussy. 

Step out

The moment you feel that you are feeling angry and might behave rough, step out of the room immediately. You do that by either leaving the baby in a safe and secured place like the crib or asking your partner or family member to hold the baby for a while. After that, take a deep breath and try to relax or take time.

Speak About Your Emotions

It is not easy to speak about your emotions or thoughts but bottling them inside can create an even bigger problem. Like they may be out in a more dangerous way than you can ever expect. So even little by little, try to share your thoughts, anger, and frustrations with someone. 

But if you are scared that people may judge you, mock you, or not care about your sharing, don’t do it. Instead, try writing it down every day whenever you feel like it in a journal or diary. At least you will be able to unburden yourself a little.

Take Professional Help

If things get out of control, then ask for professional help. There is no shame in asking for help. You must not forget that you are a human being before being a parent at the end of the day. 

You can have mental health issues, and acknowledging that shows how much you love your child and are ready to do anything to be your best version. So without delay, do consult with professional help.


Can babies feel when their parents are angry?

According to research, it has been found that the little angels can detect their parents’ anger and are affected by their mood. Researchers say that they try to appease their angry parents regardless of whether the anger is directed toward them. 
It is also said that they might not come or go near the angry person even if they have calmed down. So parents should keep in check not to show any anger or aggressive emotion in front of their babies. It can harm their mental health.

What happens if you play rough with a baby?

Babies enjoy the excitement when they are roughly played. Including getting bounced up in their parent’s knees or lifted in the air, nothing more than that. Because anything more intensive can be dangerous for them, even if you lift or bounce the babies, try to be as gentle as possible with them. 


Hopefully, the ways we have explained to you regarding the issue of being rough with baby when angry are clear. Here we have discussed the ways you can apply when you are feeling angry, and the signs you may show or your loved ones can notice in you.

Hopefully, you won’t hurt your cute baby anymore! 

Sarah, a health writer and editor since 2014, is an adoring wife and dedicated mother to 2 daughters and 1 son. As the creator of Babies Plannet, she combines her extensive expertise with her maternal dedication to provide essential care and safety advice for infants, nurturing their well-being and happiness. Her writing explores topics like fitness, pregnancy, and women's healthy lifestyles.

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