Dark Control Line on Pregnancy Test?

Dark control line on pregnancy test tells you whether you are pregnant or not. The dark line or test line pops up darker than control line or the faint line.

This article will tell you about: the brief story about dark line and faint line both. So you can easily measure dark line on ovulation test or pregnancy test.

What is Dark control line on pregnancy test?

If you are trying to conceive, then the dark line on pregnancy test mean high hCG. Keep in mind, the both lines are important (dark line & faint line) for becoming pregnant. The difference would be the test line darker then control line.

If you see only the dark line or the evaporation line shows up then it tells, the test is not positive

Dark control line on pregnancy test
A test kit picture where dark and control both lines are popping up

The both line will appear on the test kit!

When you find such strong positive pregnancy result then it is called dye stealer pregnancy test.

The test line is indicating the test line. On the other hand, the second one is the control line. Whenever you take a test, after a certain period the control line must be dark.

After that, you can find the positive pregnancy test result when the faint line appears too.

This line will appear within 5 to 10 minutes after the test has been taken.

Dark line on negative pregnancy test

If you take the test with ClearBLue as it comes pretty accurate then, you can see the only evap line or frer indent line pops up without the dark line, then it tells dark line on negative pregnancy test.

Dark line on negative pregnancy test kit picture
clear blue negative pregnancy test kit picture

Moreover, no lines on the display ensure that the test is not done properly. You have to retake the test with another device.

Therefore, the dark control line will show if the test is taken correctly. Most of the time, the darker line is the control line. To know more you can read the below article.

When the faint line turned darker?

pregnancy test first line is dark and second line faint
When the pregnancy test first line is dark and second line faint.

A lot of pregnant mothers have observed that the faint line turned darker after an hour. Well, normally, it doesn’t matter for the positive result like whether it turns darker or not. A faint line is an evap line that is lightly visible on the kit, it does not need to be dark. However, the twin mothers get to see the faint line a bit more dark compared to the single mother.

It is what I have told you earlier for the hCG, right?

Keep in mind, the more weeks you go ahead the more possibility to see the very dark line on pregnancy test. That time, the evap line may turn out dark or be more visible.

How can you identify the pregnancy test line?

In a pregnancy test kit, the control line will be dark most of the time. Whenever you take the test, you will see the control line is showing brighter or darker. This means you have taken the test correctly. After that it is time to know, are you pregnant or not?

In this regard, any line that shows beside the control line, either a very faint line or quite dark line indicates that you are pregnant. It should be noted, any faint line on the test line means that you are pregnant. So, when you are trying to conceive, congratulations! Your newborn’s life is on the way.

What can be the reasons for a wrong pregnancy test?

There could be few reasons for a wrong pregnancy test result. Firstly, insufficient urine on the Absorbent TIp. For home pregnancy test, urine is the major issue.

Therefore, you need to hold down the Absorbent Tip while urinating.

Secondly, if you are not holding downward the Absorbent Tip while replacing the overcap, it might fail to provide a valid result.

To avoid a wrong pregnancy test, at first read the instructions carefully. Otherwise, you will not find the desired result. First time mothers are excited while taking the pregnancy test.

Because of this excitement, they become impatient. Turns out, they oftentimes make mistakes.

Moreover, the pregnancy test kit is another consideration. A good kit without expiration is a must.

After replacing the overcap, lay the stick on a flat surface and the result window will be facing up.

Moreover, taking a pregnancy test after 5 DPO would be too early for you. In this case, the possibility to show the test line is lowest.

What can you do if control line not dark on pregnancy test?

The pregnancy test depends on higher hcg level. Such HCG levels can be found after 12 DPO. So, if you take it too early, then the control line not dark on the pregnancy test kit.

control line not dark on pregnancy test

Here, I will suggest you to wait for some days and test again. By the way, I’m not your OB-GYN, but it is a common practice to test intermittently during the ovulation period.

Because, if the test line won’t show up dark then it doesn’t mean you are not ovulating.

For example, the 13 dpo bfn success stories tell you that the negative pregnancy test result will come out positive.

A good practice for you is to know what was your heavy implantation bleeding like before BFP.

HCG combines progestogen and estrogenic hormones . They increase rapidly up to 49% according to National Library of Medicine. Testing kits perform its duty by detecting HCG.

So, it is better to keep trying everyday until the test won’t come out positive. Don’t loose hope or give up!

If you follow the instructions of the major pregnancy testing kits, you will know that it suggests taking the retest after one week of the first test. This period of time will generate the pregnancy detecting hormone (HCG) successfully.


I think, now you are clear about the dark control line fact as well as the pregnancy test line. So, at first read the instructions carefully before taking the test. Therefore, you can avoid the misunderstanding of the testing result.

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Sarah, a health writer and editor since 2014, is an adoring wife and dedicated mother to 2 daughters and 1 son. As the creator of Babies Plannet, she combines her extensive expertise with her maternal dedication to provide essential care and safety advice for infants, nurturing their well-being and happiness. Her writing explores topics like fitness, pregnancy, and women's healthy lifestyles.

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