Frer Indent Line or Faint Positive?

Pregnant mothers often confused about frer indent line

How many of you have taken this type of pregnancy test and it was negative in the time frame but later became positive and you were actually pregnant? 

I’ve cought them up, analyzing those faint line, evap line, and indent line. 

It is not easy to detect, so oftentimes our home pregnancy urine test turns out either a positive or negative result.

We’ll help you figure out if your pregnancy test is positive or not and discuss your possibilities.

What does a frer indent line look like? 

The indent lines are test line and dark line both but they are slightly indented. The frer indent line means first response early result out of indent lines. 

indent line pops up

Indent line on frer is confusing because it might be due to the bad test kit result. Even though you use the First early response test kit, on the second line (test line) a tiny amount of ink may stuck.

On the other hand, the during the test the urine starts to evaporate. It may happen when the ink stuck at the top of the line.

As a result, we can say it Big Fat Negative due the faint evap line.

However, you can easily avoid such mistake. All you need to do is to read between the lines of testing kit guideline, and that’s all!

By the way, don’t be fret! you must come to know about frer indent line or BFP, what it is? Because there are so many successful stories of negative test result comes out positive after a few days later.

Read some of them from my posts on:

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Indent line vs faint positive

The frer indent line comes with mild pinkish color to it but the evap line comes with no color to it.

Evaporation line at 10 dpo with no color
Evaporation line at 10 dpo with no color

So, with the indent line you will get to see the pink that is supposed to appear. However, there are some other stories of testing result, which are really disheartening. Because, at first, many of them get to see the indent line but after a week later it turns out evaporation line.

Here in this video you might got more ideas on it!

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