Lotrimin Cream for Babies – 101 Guideline

Lotrimin is indeed safe to use for babies. In fact, it is one of the most effective creams that offer excellent antifungal effects on the baby’s skin.

Although many people know of Lotrimin, very few are aware that Lotrimin and Clotrimazole (Contained: 1%) are the same things. Today, you will come to know many other facts about is lotrimin safe for babies or not.

Lotrimin: What Is It?

Lotrimin cream is the brand name (commercial name) of the chemical Clotrimazole. It is a well renowned antifungal medication. And, this chemical is mostly found in the form of medication cream.

Also, most people know of this chemical because of its well-known properties to treat Vaginal Yeast Infection which is very effective for the following disorders:

Now, in order to treat Yeast Infection on the skin, Lotrimin AF cream (commercial name of Clotrimazole) is vastly used on a global scale. 

  • NDC Code(s): 11523-0963-1, 11523-0963-2, 11523-0963-5, 11523-0963-7
  • Packager: Bayer HealthCare LLC

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Is Lotrimin cream safe for babies? (Explained)

It is completely unsafe to baby under 2 years old, and it is claimed by Dailymed.

lotrimin cream for babies
is it safe for baby infection?

For above 2 years baby it is somewhat safe as an efficient repellent of fungus, so doctor suggests it as a treatment against skin infection of babies. It is also well known to be an effective antifungal and anti-yeast agent for baby’s skin. 

Although Lotrimin AF is an effective agent for fighting fungal infection or yeast infection, but it is not safe for the excessive use. Because, this ointment can lead to skin pain or skin peeling. So, we recommend that you practice moderation when applying this cream. 

Is lotrimin safe for babies

If you follow the safety precautions, then you may use it.

Moreover, Lotrimin AF is all the more suited to use for baby’s skin because it is a very proficient agent to treat diaper rash.

Not only that, Clotrimazole variants, such as Lotrimin AF, are among the best medications to treat a baby’s ringworm disease

Mind you, in order to get the best treatment for skin infections, doctors and physicians recommend using Lotrimin AF on the baby’s skin 3 times a day. 

But, in order to ensure that it doesn’t cause discomfort to the baby, the baby’s skin should also be exposed to mild sun rays on a daily basis.

Is lotrimin diaper rash cream safe for babies?

lotrimin diaper rash cream

Lotrimin for diaper rash works great and it is safe. Because when the regular diaper rash won’t go away after 3 days and it turns out yeast, then lotrimin comes to treat. Since lotrimin is made of clotrimazole so it can easily treat ringworm, jock itch, and particularly diaper rash yeast infection.

Lotrimin moist the affected area where rash may develop under the diaper. It is very effective to the minor fungal infection like yeast. We know zinc and petroleum won’t heal any infection. So many cream or bag balm won’t be effective compared to this one. so this anti-fungal cream sounds great as it create a barrier and safeguard the skin from coming back.

If you want an alternative cream, then try aquaphor cream safe for babies as well.

How To Apply Lotrimin cream for babies?

lotrimin cream for babies
apply lotrimin cream

Before using the Lotrimin AF ointment on the baby’s skin, you need to wash your hands with regular soap. 

Then, you need to take the diaper out of the baby’s waist and clean that infected area with lukewarm water (be careful not to put hot water on the baby’s skin). 

After cleaning the infected area with warm water, you need to wait 10 minutes for your baby’s skin to get dry. 

Now, take a thin layer of Lotrimin AF on your finger and apply it to the affected area of the baby’s skin. In addition to that, when applying the Lotrimin AF cream, maintain a thin layer of ointment on the baby’s skin. 

Also, you need to be careful not to rub the Lotrimin AF ointment into the baby’s skin. It’s because rubbing can further damage the baby’s skin and cause the baby more pain. 

Precaution: At the time of application of the ointment, be sure that it doesn't get to the baby's eyes, mouth, or nose. But, if you accidentally do apply the ointment on these areas, use a huge amount of warm water to clean off the ointment immediately. 

In order to get the fastest result, apply the ointment on the baby’s skin at least 2 times a day morning and night. Also, use the ointment for at least 7 days and check if there’s any positive development on the skin.

Store or preserving Lotrimin: 20° to 25°C (68° to 77°F)

Are There Any Side Effects Of Using Lotrimin AF For Babies?

Before applying the medication to your child, you need to understand that all types of medication have side effects to some extent (although its likelihood is close to 0.1%). 

This is why we endorse you to contact your doctor before applying this medication to your child’s skin. Although a strong allergic reaction to the Lotrimin AF is a very rare event, it might still occur in some cases.

Is Lotrimin Safe For Babies
Is Lotrimin Safe For Babies

So, when you are applying the ointment for the first time, apply it in small amounts. As a result, you immediately find out if your child is allergic to Lotrimin AF or not. 

If your child is indeed allergic to it (the chances of this is close to 001%), you should immediately contact a pediatrician. On the other hand, if you find out your child is not allergic, you can keep using it as per the instructions we have provided above.

What Are The Precautions To Be Followed When Applying Lotrimin AF?

It should be duly noted that the Lotrimin AF is an ointment to only use on the skin. So, you need to keep this ointment away from your baby at all costs (it’s because the child might accidentally swallow it). 

Now, if your child does indeed swallow it, we recommend making sure that your child immediately drinks a lot of water and you should seek the care of a certified pediatric doctor ASAP. 


Is there any alternative to Lotrimin AF for babies’ skin?

Other than Lotrimin AF (Clotrimazole), doctors recommend using a combination of Miconazole and Zinc Oxide to treat fungal infection on the skin.

Is Lotrimin AF effective to treat jock itch?

Lotrimin AF is a perfect agent to treat jock itch. Not only that, it has an amazing record of treating jock itch in about 2 to 4 weeks.

Does Lotrimin AF dry out the baby’s skin?

Yes, excessive usage of Lotrimin AF can cause skin dryness and itching. If this type of side effect does occur to your child’s skin, we recommend that you apply diluted glycerin to the affected area.


If you are a responsible parent, you know how important it is to keep the baby’s skin healthy, don’t you? Yes, all parents want to keep their babies safe from skin infections and fungal infections. Yet, sometimes unforeseen accidents occur and skin infections get the best of us.

That’s why you need an effective skin infection repellent medication for your baby’s skin. Yes, we are talking about Clotrimazole (Lotrimin).


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