5 Reasons Why Your Baby Closes Eyes When Eating

It helps them not to stimulate the brain with light and moist their eyes while asleep. Most babies close their eyes fully while asleep, while a few of them remain their eyes partly open while asleep. Which is medically termed physiological lagophthalmos.

Most of the parents are anxious about their newborn babies. People often take parenting as a challenge. Also, it’s an exciting matter to be a parent. So, they enjoy every moment of that. As time passes they try to figure out why your baby closes eyes when eating. 

Every little movement or action makes parents anxious. From eating to sleeping everything must stay on top. They are maybe various interpretations of signs that babies usually do. Today we are discussing why your baby closes eyes while eating. 

The Common reasons why baby closes eyes when eating

Basic reasons are not very frightening but well regarded. Babies do some movement while eating. They can feel either comfort or discomfort with the process of eating. Sometimes they are not interested at all to eat rather than to play with you. There are some meaningful answers to the question. Here are the five best reasons why your baby closes eyes while eating.

When baby is Sleeping

Most contrasting reason is that your baby is now full. It may now feel full of tammy and now it is time for resting their eyes. Now it’s time to sleep. Sweet dreams are offering their brains to go into imaginary mode.

At the time of mature milk, they often feel full and go to sleep. In this stage they often want to sleep while eating which makes the process very smooth. Which is really a comfortable thing to do for them.

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Different stages of breast milk 

There are three stages of breast milk. Colostrum, Transitional and Mature. Initial phase is the colostrum stage. Which lasts for 2-3 days just after the baby is born. The color of milk is deep yellow and the milk is very nutritious which is why it’s called liquid gold for babies.

After that transitional period begins and it lasts for 14 days after the baby is born. During these two periods of time babies close their eyes very often while eating. It is natural.

Newborns want to feel more taste and compassion towards their breastfeeding. After 14 days, the last stage of breast milk which is Mature milk starts. In this stage, Most of the time babies normally close their eyes when full and want to sleep.

A baby Feels more taste

At the time of feeding, babies often want to feel more of the taste of their appetite. At the age of six months, babies usually introduce other food ingredients. To adapt to a new environment they also need vital nutrition for their growth.

At that time, they want to understand the taste of different types of food. While introducing new food they shut their eyes to understand the recipe. Different tastes can make different expressions with the eyes.

If the meal tastes flavorsome they will continue eating with positive vibes. When they refuse to eat and moaning, they will redirect their eyes by closing and turning. They will eventually have different kinds of body movements at these stages.  

While Increasing concentration

Most of the babies do shut their eyes during eating. One of the reasons is to increase concentration towards food. When babies feel rather distracted from the procedure, they help them by locking their eyeballs. Babies normally want to be more focused on their eating process by doing that. Which is not frightening, rather is a very normal thing to do. When they introduce new food after six months, the variations and new tastes will make them do various facial expressions and body language. They will secure their eyes to eat attentively.

Getting it good

When they are having good and healthy milk, they will lock those eyes. The pleasure of the milk will make them feel comfortable. Which is an indication  that they are getting a good amount of milk and also a delicious one. When they enjoy the milk at its highest level, they will do that certain action out of comfort. They are in the process of peace and tranquillity. You should not be distressed about it.


Why does the Baby close eyes when breastfeeding?

Newborns often secure their eyes while breastfeeding. They often go to sleep while eating. But they are still able to transfer colostrum and transitional milk. Which are the early stages of their breast milk. At the time of mature milk, they also often shut their eyes. We already discussed the reasons behind it. Sleeping, drowsiness, and yawning are the main reasons for this. Therefore, closing eyes is not really a big concern for parents. If their pattern looks any more suspicious than normal behaviour, you should concern the child specialist doctor for that. 

Why do babies make eye contact when eating?

To connect with others, a newborn often makes eye contact with people. 4 days after birth babies recognize their mother. Then they often make eye contact with their mother when eating. It is just to get connected with the caregiver, to make emotional connections. Sometimes they shift gazes to see what you are looking at. It is to create joint attention. To feel more connected with each other. It grows the bond between parents and their babies. 


Babies are a gift and blessing to our life. It completes us, grows us. Make us believe in dreams and inspire us to achieve them. Often taking care of a baby may be exhausting and tiring for us. But eventually, it is worth it to spend time with them. 

Try to learn their behavior and signs to communicate with them. Eventually seeing them growing in front of our very eyes is the very best of best feelings for parents. 

Sarah, a health writer and editor since 2014, is an adoring wife and dedicated mother to 2 daughters and 1 son. As the creator of Babies Plannet, she combines her extensive expertise with her maternal dedication to provide essential care and safety advice for infants, nurturing their well-being and happiness. Her writing explores topics like fitness, pregnancy, and women's healthy lifestyles.

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