Sleep Training Twins – Everything You Need To Know

People have trouble managing twins, especially when it’s about sleep. Sleep training twins can make their problems disappear. But, twin babies aren’t mentally and physically mature to cope with any typical training session.

Therefore, you need to follow some special tips for training babies to sleep timely. If you start this process at a very early age, like from the second or third month, it won’t work. Your consistency, love, and affection with babies can only make them trained for sound sleep.

When to start sleep training twins?

Sleep training for twins should be started as early as possible before they learn to sit. The best time for starting sleep training for twins is between 4-6 months.

Training twins at an early age, like 2 months, may impact their growth. Starting sleep training twins at around one isn’t also acceptable as they barely concentrate on training at that age. 

Is it a good idea to sleep train twins?

Twins are sharing their bed while sleeping- that’s one of the commonest scenery in the twin family. Sleep training twins is a good idea if they grow up with a habit of similar sleeping schedules. If one baby isn’t sleeping on time, temporarily separating it from the other is the right move.

Tips for sleep training twins

This section reveals a few sleep training twins tips. 

Sleep Training Twins

Habituate to white noise

Step:1- Selecting white noise source

A white noise machine helps to grow the concentration of babies by dismissing other sounds. A fan and white machine source is the ideal source for producing white noise. Double white noise can be helpful as a starter for sleep training twins. 

Step:2- Placing white noise sources

Put the noise machine halfway between the cribs and the fan to the closest area, like the wall. This setup will muffle various sounds, ensuring sound sleep for babies. 

Use sleep log

Step:1- Make a chart

A sleep log helps train twins for naps by recording necessary data. From wake-up time to feeding time- everything should be included here. 

Step:2- Enter data from time to time

The hard part is putting data on the log regularly. You can easily understand which time is making babies asleep and what habits must change. 

Sleep training toddler twins same room 

Step:1- Find a suitable room

Sleep training twins in the same room includes selecting the room first. Make the room as calm as possible. Don’t put attractive things like paints or DIYs on the wall; just keep it in plain color. 

Step:2- Follow the shush pat method

Make babies asleep before putting them in the same room. Create a shushing sound by gently patting your baby on your belly. Most babies will respond then and will be habituated sooner. 

Recite rhymes or lullabies, talk to babies

Step:1- Selection of rhymes

From a bunch of rhymes or lullabies, it’s hard to select the suitable one. This method of sleep training twins for naps works quickly because the human brain responds to words instantly. So, try rhymes to play for ensuring gentle sleep training for twins.

Step:2- Recite or read now

Babies love to hear words throughout the whole day. Talking to them before sleeping doesn’t mean they’re getting disturbed. You can read lines from the best book for sleep training twins. 

Feed together

Don’t feed one baby after another. The hungry baby may fall asleep in the meantime. If you feed twins simultaneously, they can maintain the same sleeping habit. 

Maintain a similar sleeping schedule

Using the earlier sleep log, it’s easy to maintain a similar sleeping schedule for twins. Notice the commonest time of their sleeping for a week. Then, apply any sleep training tips to familiarize them with the schedule. 

Give their transitional object.

Step:1- Keep aside harmful objects

Babies love to play with any transitional object near them. Your responsibility is to filter out the harmful objects first. 

Step:2- Put transitional objects in the crib

Baby’s favorite transitional objects like blankets and stuffed animals should be kept closed. It gives a baby comfort for sleeping.

Deal with the calm baby first

Alexander Golbin, M.D., director of the Sleep and Behavioral Medicine Institute, tells us to take care of the calm baby first. Then, the other one will follow the right way. The output won’t come in one day; you should keep trying. 

Wrap with blanket

Step:1- Wrap your twins

Wrapping babies with a blanket makes them feel safe and secure. This process is called swaddling. Use separate blankets for wrapping. 

Step:2- Avoid thick blanket

Thick blankets can be suffocating for twins if it’s tight. The sleep training twins 6 months old and above can twaddle with a blanket. So, make the wrapping as comfortable as you can. 

Stop expecting too much.

When people deal with sleep training 1-year-old twins, they want feedback earlier. Too much expectation may ruin their growth and hinder their regular sleeping schedule. 

The lighting of the room 

Extreme lighting is inconvenient for sleep training twins 4 months and above. They focus on the light source or other object, barely sleeping on time. Keep the room dark, but not that much so a baby can freak out in fear. 


There are also a few more ways to train twins to sleep. By following sleep training twins, you can grow them together. 

First, you must fix a room with enough calmness and proper light management. The rest you have to do is wait to see the output. 

Feed babies together on time, and bring them on a straight schedule. Being hard and strict on your way won’t work for babies. 

Rather than being highly optimistic, keep realistic expectations from your twins. Any of the tricks above will surely work for your twins sooner or later. 

Sarah, a health writer and editor since 2014, is an adoring wife and dedicated mother to 2 daughters and 1 son. As the creator of Babies Plannet, she combines her extensive expertise with her maternal dedication to provide essential care and safety advice for infants, nurturing their well-being and happiness. Her writing explores topics like fitness, pregnancy, and women's healthy lifestyles.

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