What Is a Rhogam Shot for During Pregnancy?

What is a rhogam shot for during pregnancy? It is an immune globulin shot and antibiotics to treat a pregnant woman during pregnancy or after childbirth. 

If there have any chance of Rh incompatibility and has a record of past miscarriage, abortion, and pregnancy loss, then the RhoGAM shot helps prevent their future pregnancy loss.

When your body immune system attacks your baby blood cause of antibodies, they may face those problems:

  • anemia
  • jaundice
  • illness
  • brain damage
  • death

However, everyone is born with the blood type of A+, B+, O+, AB+, A-, B-, O-, AB-. They are also born with an Rh(rhesus) factor, which may be positive or negative. 

Here Rh-positive with D-antigen means a presence of Rh protein in red blood cells while Rh-negative with D antigen means there is no Rh protein.

But the information about when it is too late to get the RhoGAM shot is confusing. Owing to Rh disease, you need to get RhoGAM shots around 28 weeks of gestation, as it can grow an antibody that can help prevent Rh incompatibility between you and your baby.

Yet it seems too late to get RhoGAM shots when you are already sensitized. It means that already your blood has mixed with your baby’s blood, and your body makes a D-antibody, which attacks your kid’s blood cell.

However, if you also wonder when it is too late to get RhoGAM shot after miscarriage, you can scroll down slowly to know it.

What is a rhogam shot for during pregnancy and how does it works?

Rhogam shot during pregnancy almost works like a vaccination. It introduces the body to a dosage of a virus that is too little to cause serious illness. 

Therefore the RhoGAM permits our body to learn to fight against the virus effectively and prevent any other serious illness in the future.

However, if you contain Rh-negative and your husband is Rh-positive, there will be more chances to have a baby with Rh-positive. The baby inherits the blood type from their father.

In this case, when your babies’ blood mixes with your blood during the pregnancy, your body doesn’t identify your baby’s Rh protein. It seems to be a threat or foreign blood cells. Then your immune system will take action against your baby’s blood.

The RhoGAM shot works as a mask on the fetal blood which has entered your bloodstream.

So your immune system can’t see the possible leak of your infant’s blood in your placenta. Then the shot starts its immune response.

RhoGAM is an injection made up of immunoglobulin antibodies that help defend a fetus from its mom’s antibodies. It is a specific brand name of anti-D immune globulin or RhIG.

For patients who suffer from the blood disorder thrombocytopenic purpura(ITP), Rhogam shots injection may be an effective treatment for them. 

It may also use for treating pregnant women with Rh-negative to reduce Rh diseases or Rh incompatibility among the mother and baby.

When a mother’s Rh-negative blood enters the bloodstream of her Rh-positive baby, they naturally create anti-D antibodies to kill Rh-D-positive red blood cells. 

This situation is called Rh incompatibility or Rh disease.

However, RhoGAM injection works to prevent these problems. Like another shot, it injects into your backside or arm. 

At any time, if you worry about the RhoGAM shot as it makes with another donated plasma, remember there is no need to be concerned. At first, screened it thoroughly, then treated. So, it has no risk of diseases like hepatitis or HIV.

When should I get RhoGam shot?

Before it is too late to get Rhogam shot, you should take it ASAP. However, it is too late to get RhoGAM shot once your babies and your blood are sensitized. So, according to doctor recommendations, you can receive a RhoGAM injection around 26 to 28 weeks of your gestation. 
Still then, you may get the shot after delivery, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, or abortion to prevent further complications.


RhoGAM is an injection that strengthens the mothers’ immune system during and after childbirth and protects the baby from developing life-threatening problems in the first 24 months of life. 

It recommends women receive it during their first pregnancy to prevent Rh incompatibility or future pregnancy loss. 

You must get a RhoGAM shot if you have Rh-positive blood cells and your baby has Rh-negative.

Sarah, a health writer and editor since 2014, is an adoring wife and dedicated mother to 2 daughters and 1 son. As the creator of Babies Plannet, she combines her extensive expertise with her maternal dedication to provide essential care and safety advice for infants, nurturing their well-being and happiness. Her writing explores topics like fitness, pregnancy, and women's healthy lifestyles.

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